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    How to Fax from a Computer without a Fax Machine

    Did you know that fax machines are still popular in leading government agencies and enterprises despite the increase in demand for online services? Sending email seems fast and convenient but still, you will need to send faxes to portray professionalism. To understand how this works, you need to compare the differences between a faxing machine and a computer. So, how does this work?

    Since most Google Fax free machines are connected to landlines, sending Fax software may require you to type a document, then scan it and send it to the machine which makes the phone call to the number indicated on the document. The recipient will receive the document by answering the phone call. Remember, these machines don’t have a direct connection with your computer. Unless it is a windows OS with a faxing option along with a scan application, then you will still require the machine itself. Here is how to fax from your computer, PC or Mac.


    1. Scan the document

    Are you in dire need to send out fax in the fastest way possible? Consider going for third-party providers of reliable online fax software to execute your functions. Alternatively, you can start by scanning the document you want to fax, almost as though you are sending it over to your email using a scanner or a smartphone. If it is already in a file format version, then you can opt out of this part of the process. Now that the document is already in digital form, you can send it to your provider to do the faxing on your behalf.

    This offer works best for people who don’t have a fax provider but have a faxing machine connected to their phone line; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Remember, all personal computers have a software fax program that allows you to send a fax and scan easy and fast anywhere across the world.


    1. Send faxes in Windows 7 OS

    You can start by connecting your computer to the landline using the Windows 7 operating system. Once you click on all programs, windows will allow you to fax and scan. Ensure the phone line is connected to the computer then click on the ‘New Fax’ option followed by the wizard to connect to a landline. Now, you are ready to send the fax.


    1. Send Faxes Online

    Take advantage of the numerous offers online fax providers have in store. You can start by identifying one that meets your standards. You can start by identifying the type of user you are and the number of assignments you are required to complete in a day. That way, you will know the specific provider to go for.

    If you work in a government institution, sending confidential faxes will be the order of the day. You will need to go for a provider with great security features and flexible enough to accommodate various users with separate lines. Ensure it has all the features that guarantee your security including Outlook, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If you want to send just a few, go for cheaper alternatives to avoid placing a heavy weight on your pocket.

    If you are an occasional user, you can opt for MyFax which allows you to send up to 10 free pages per day.


    1. Receiving Faxes

    If you receive faxes more than often, you need to hire a paid-up service. After that, a dedicated phone number for your fax destination will be availed to you. Remember, all these services come at a fee.


    So, how do you fax using your computer along with a fax provider?

    Now that windows computers have software that allows you to send, receive, and edit faxes using your PC, you need to connect a phone line into your computer. When you are faxing using the Windows 7, you need to create a new email and direct it to the recipient’s number. Enjoin the documents you want to fax to the said email in PDF or DOC format. After that, you can send email then want for the faxing machine to receive it in the shortest time possible.

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