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    How to Enjoy Maximum Benefits from ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?

    In the contemporary times when there is such a cut-throat competition among getting the best jobs, it is an equally tough competition among the companies to hire the best candidates. The companies are striving for boosting their strategies for identifying, hiring and attracting the best and most suitable candidate as in accordance with their requirement. There are several hiring solutions in the market that the companies purchase to make their hiring strategies more efficient and speedy. This solution is known as Applicant Tracking System. It helps in electronically sorting through the applications that potential candidates file in order to get a position in the company. The software is programmed in a way that it reads the needs of the company through keywords, skills and other parameters and compares them to the applications that have been filed. Based on the selected parameters, the software sorts the suitable applications and rejects others automatically. This helps the company save a lot of time and invest their focus on multiple places at once. The most interesting part about ATS is that it is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed easily by both the company and the potential candidates.

    Here are a few ways by which a company can enjoy maximum benefits from ATS:


    • Streamlines workflow

      ATS helps the company in streamlining workflow relating to recruitment of new employees and makes the entire process automatic and manages it on the cloud. This is done so with the help of the software interface. It allows the company to rely on the software completely for managing the recruitment procedure at the preliminary and at times even at the secondary stage. It also ensures the implementation of best practices. Streamlining of tasks makes work easier for the company and their burden are reduced and work is done faster. This ensures efficiency and keeps the goodwill up in the market.


    • Reduces burden

      When a company has a surrogate for handling time-consuming activities, they will be able to focus their attention on other activities that are just as equally important but do not have a digital counterpart. The recruitment process is extremely time consuming and exhausting process. Automatizing of the process helps reduce the burden on the company executives and helps them focus clearly on other important tasks. This reliance on ATS is like a delegation of work. The work that was primarily supposed to be done by the recruitment team is being done more efficiently by software with several other benefits. The software serves multiple purposes at once and in no time.


    • Integrating systems

      ATS is multiplatform software. It has the ability to update itself with other related systems and then function accordingly. It helps in locating and finding potential candidates by leveraging the on-going traffic. This is because of the job aggregators, social media, and job postings. The system integrates itself with all these platforms and then tracks the most suitable candidates. It is beneficial for the company as the software then attracts candidates towards it and increases the probability of hiring more apt candidates for the job.


    • Everything is on the cloud

      All the data, transactions and activities that take place through and within the ATS. The data is retained in the cloud unless destroyed manually. This helps in keeping the data secure in the cloud itself so it removes any possibility of losing relevant information due to manual labor. Keeping all the data in the cloud is also cost-efficient and is better than using in-house software that is managed internally on the premises of the company.


    • High Reach

      ATS is compatible on all devices including mobiles. Due to its ability to be accessed on mobiles, it makes it easier for potential candidates to use it. It also helps in increasing its reach across social media due to its accessibility. Social reach is important due to high popularity. A company needs to gain popularity among the set of potential candidates in order to get more applications for a position in the company. ATS assists the company with the same. Due to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with all devices, it helps the company ace its social environment and boosts popularity.


    • Sorting resumes

      The primary function of ATS is to sort out relevant resumes from those that are not relevant. It reduces the workload from the recruitment team from reviewing hundreds of applications individually. That process is highly time-consuming and can be avoided with the help of ATS. It helps to sort out the most suitable candidates for the company. This number of applications is lesser than the original number of total applications. So to complete the process of recruitment, the company will have available with them a list of most suitable candidates for the job profile. This can all be achieved by ATS.


    • Automated communication

      ATS has a feature that allows the company to send out quick replies or automated texts to candidates informing them about the progress of the recruitment process. It has saved templates for several instances like there could be one for shortlisting a candidate, for rejecting a candidate, for moving the process to the next round, for calling for interviews among other things. This all can be done at one click. Instead of typing responses every time, the software enables the company to send in automated responses. It saves a lot of time for the company.


    • Reduce paperwork

      Due to the use of electronic devices and software, a lot of paperwork is reduces. Everything is done and retained on the cloud that the recruitment team is saved from doing any elaborate and time-consuming paperwork. It is one of the biggest advantages of using ATS as assembling and sorting through paperwork is very time consuming and does not ascertain efficiency. But with the use of ATS efficiency can be ensured. It also saves an excess of time giving the employees a liberty to divert their attention to66 other work with less stress.

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