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    How to Develop Successful Taxi Dispatch App?

    With the increasing number of taxi service providers, the competition in the taxi business is getting extreme. Moreover, the traditional taxi service providers are shifting to taxi booking apps to offer convenience to the customers along with better service. Mobile applications have transformed the taxi service business with advanced technology. customers can book a taxi using a taxi dispatch system. Taxi service providers are offering mobile applications with advanced features to simplify the booking process for customers and drivers. Features provided to the drivers are different from customers, as the use of the app differs for both customers and drivers.

    The taxi dispatch software has become an important part of the taxi business as it makes the whole process of managing the taxi bookings simple for owners as well as drivers. Taxi businesses across the world are introducing different types of taxi mobile apps with basic and unique features in order to compete in the market. The taxi apps differ on the basis of features, design, development process, and functionality. The taxi service providers with the help of mobile apps are providing better customer service including an easy payment option. Drivers are also being provided with features that make it easy for them to accept booking and eliminate the need to find customers on their own.

    To provide a seamless experience to the customer as well as drivers, mobile app developers and development companies need to offer the app that can handle multiple bookings. The taxi driver app is being offered with features such as tracking the location, real-time information on traffic, an option to accept in-app payment. These features help the driver to serve customers in a better way without any delay. Hence, advanced features are being introduced in the taxi driver app, thereby, improving taxi service for customers.

    Mobile app development companies and app developers are using advanced tools and software to develop and design the best taxi dispatch system. The company developing the app follow a specific process for app development mostly including validating idea, planning, developing a prototype, UX and UI designing, developing the app, and testing.


    How to Offer the Best Taxi Booking App for Drivers?

    To build the taxi app for drivers and enhance their experience, taxi dispatch system can include various set of features.

    Taxi dispatch app includes a feature that can track the real-time location of the customer and send a booking request to the nearby drivers.  The driver is provided with an option to accept or reject the booking request. However, if the driver accepts the booking, taxi app can provide the exact location of the customer in the real-time. This helps the driver to reach the pickup location of the customer on time. Mobile apps also provide a map for driver along with the information on traffic and show the best possible route to provide service on time to the customers.

    The built-in map in the taxi dispatch system offers an information on the traffic in real-time. Prior information on the traffic in an area helps to save a lot of time for drivers as well as customers.

    Taxi dispatch software calculates the total fare as soon as the customer reaches the location.  A total fare charged to the customer is usually calculated on the basis of distance traveled, and cost per mile. However, the most basic factor used by the taxi businesses for fare calculation is the distance traveled. This eliminates the need for the driver to calculate and provides an option to accept online payment. This also eliminates the need for the driver to carry a lot of cash or change while providing service.

    The taxi driver app also includes an option to rate and review the passenger. The driver can rate the passenger based on the behavior. A rating system is important for both drivers and passengers as it helps the driver to improve the service based on their rating and review. The review and rating system offers a sense of security for passengers and drivers. The system also simplifies the process to identify the best driver and passengers to offer extra benefits. Majority of the customers as well as drivers take the decision to book the service and provide the service based on the ratings, hence, the taxi booking mobile app should offer the rating system for both passengers and drivers.

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