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    How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your iPhone

    Nowadays, the Bluetooth technology incorporated in several numbers of devices and they have become more important in human’s day to day life. The portable speakers, headphones, keyboards and any other types of devices with the Bluetooth technology can wirelessly connect to your Apple iPhone. Modern Bluetooth version is also very easier to use at all the times. Like every device is charged, a Bluetooth device can broadcast the easy connection to your iPhone and iPad. It can always be ready in the lower power state in order to ensure the longer battery life but also explode incredibly speedy to transfer the data like audio according to the desire of the users.

    How to turn Bluetooth on/off on your iPhone?

    Before you will connect any device through Bluetooth, you should have to make sure that you have enabled the Bluetooth on your device. It is one and only the easiest way to use the control centre to turn on/off your Bluetooth.

    • Swipe up from your bottom of the screen in order to choose the control centre.
    • Tap on the Bluetooth button and you can find it in the top of the row.

    The users of the iPhone can also do it in the Settings such as,

    • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
    • Tap Bluetooth.
    • Switch on Bluetooth.

    If you want to disable Bluetooth to any other device, you can switch off it.

    Making a connection with Bluetooth devices:

    Whether you are willing to connect the headphones, mini speakers, keyboards or any other device to your iPhone, you can following these steps including,

    • Find the settings on your iPhone and tap it.
    • Go to the Bluetooth, tap it and you have to turn on it.
    • Once turned on the bluetooth device, you also have to make sure that it is in the discovery mode. This option can vary from one device to another and for some devices, it is highly very easier to turn on the bluetooth.
    • Then, you have to tap the bluetooth in the settings menu and you can find the option named “devices” in your bluetooth devices menu.
    • If you can’t find the bluetooth device option in the devices menu, you have to check the instruction manual to see if you have missed any step while making a connection to your iPhone.
    • To pair your device, tap on your bluetooth device name and connection will appear now.

    Important tips to be considered:

    After doing all of these steps, you can leave Settings as usual and the bluetooth speaker will currently have the best audio output of your iOS iPhone device. Whether you are using bluetooth enabled head phones, speakers, keyboards or any other device, your iPhone is now connected to your preferable device. If you are using the bluetooth speaker, it now becomes a default volume output within the bluetooth range until when disconnected. Disconnecting your device from the iPhone is highly possible by turning off your mini bluetooth speaker, keyboard or other device. Or you can also try disconnecting the bluetooth device from iOS through Settings or by disabling bluetooth in your iPhone generally.

    With the advanced versions and features of the iOS devices, you should also need to learn how to check the status of the bluetooth in iOS 12 and lateral versions. You should also need to learn how to make the desired changes in the bluetooth audio sources on Apple iPhone when on the phone call as if you use the iPhone which is dynamically synced to the bluetooth speaker or other device to make the default music to play over instead of using the built-in ear phones in the iPhone. With the use of the bluetooth keyboard is also enabling the users to type any project documents, email, instant message or SMS on the iphone rather than using the in-built keyboard on your iOS device.

    The use of the bluetooth headphones connected to the iPhone to hear music or having a conversation with someone else will also enable the handy external hearing accessory to wirelessly connect your device with the head phones for your different usages. You can conveniently control the audio output and music on your bluetooth enabled head phones from your iPhone completely in the wireless manner. Once you have done all of your works better and want to disconnect or unpair a device from your Apple iOS iPhone, you first need to tap the Settings app and go to the bluetooth option. Then, you need to tap the information button beside a speaker, headphone or any other device name you want to unpair. Now, tap forget this device and currently you device will be disconnected from your iPhone.

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