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    How to Choose the Right E-commerce Platform for your Business

    Have you started building a website recently? What kind of e-commerce platform is the website running on? Do you want to reach your business goals? Is your e-commerce platform SEO- Friendly? What would be your site speed? Does your website support social media marketing? When it comes to choosing an incredible web e-commerce development, you should know some important features that every good website possesses.

    • Load time 

    Site speed is the most important aspect nowadays. Mostly, web shoppers want your site to be loaded in less than 2 seconds. If not, they will more likely browse the site of your competitor. In this competitive arena, even a single second saved will add free time to their busy lives. Therefore, you should have your e-commerce platform designed with good site speed. As performance and site speed matters the most, you can use Google page speed tools, which make it simple to analyze & optimize site speed.

    • Email marketing integration 

    Creating a highly responsive website doesn’t mean that client’s products & services reach the customer in a smart way. Creating awareness about your service should be the first thing. Online marketing such as Social media marketing will help reach your customer in every single way. Social marketing means not just Email marketing but also includes Facebook marketing, Instagram Marketing etc. The primary goal of Social media marketing is to provide reminders to inactive customers, send notifications about products, promote company services, etc.

    • Mobile performance 

    With increasing demand of smartphones and technology, people would like to search for things more on a smartphone instead of Desktop. It is likely that people who browse over smartphone would be business people. Be it a homemaker, students or software people, the possibility of searching for things on the desktop are quite low.

    A recent research conducted by the US states that more people searched for products on a smartphone than on the computer. So, the e-commerce platform you choose should come with the great mobile interface. A good e-commerce website should accept all mobile interfaces such as Android, iOS, Microsoft etc.

    • SEO performance 

    Do you post a blog to your site regularly? How many visitors do you get every day? Do you gain new customers every single day? How much will you get for your blog posts? Yes, if your e-commerce site is SEO friendly, you might have an idea of those questions. Search Engine optimization technique makes it simple to attract viewers. With rapid SEO techniques, you can convert viewers into your regular customers.

    This is how business people focus more on SEO in addition to their products & service. So, how an e-commerce platform would be? It will let the web developer create tracking interface, edit URLs, Track user View, Analyse page view, Review Google Analytic etc. it is no wonder that incredible content marketing skill induces the craving for reading the post and buying your product.

    • Security features 

    Security must never be ignored no matter whatever business you do. Be it a responsive web page, e-commerce platform or even a single landing page, security features must be included as a part of your site. With increasing cybercrimes, attackers may target your site with ease. In order to avoid threats, hack and such a security breach, an e-commerce website should have reliable security plugin installed. Also, the plugin should be strong enough to protect customer’s data & privacy.

    • Payment Gateway

    Which payment method would you prefer – PayPal or debit card? Shopify platform supports third-party gateway such as Amazon payments, stripe etc. Interestingly, the Woo-commerce platform lets you accept credit card & debit card. Choose the best payment option. Just spend quality time to choose the best e-commerce platform that boasts of all the above features.

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