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    How To Choose A Best Case Fan For Your PC

    The overall lifespan of a computer or a laptop quite a lot depends upon the cooling configuration of the selected case fan. You need a good cooling system for keeping the heat radiated and avoiding any kind of crashes taking place.

    If you play games then must have a good cooling system. You should have case fans and cooler to make your PC cool. In this post, I will talk about what you should check before buying good case fans. Being a gamer I know how important it is to have good case fans.

    Tips To Buy a Good Case Fans For Your PC

    Here I will talk about the only main things that you must check.

    Case Fans Size -(80mm,120mm,140mm,200mm) 

    The first thing you need to check your Case size where you will set up the fan. The size of the fan also determines the amount of heat dissipated. The overall airflow depends on the exact way your fan has been placed. The larger fans are somewhat problematic in spinning and cooling down the system. However, they lower down the noise level while removing the heat from your system. A smaller fan can spin easily and create a cooling effect more easily.


    Bearing Type 

    The bearing type of a case fan affects the overall functionality of a computer. If you wish to enhance the lifespan of your PC by cooling it up to 40 degree Celsius, paying attention to the bearing type is important. Furthermore, bearing type also as a relation with overall noise levels and the way you need to initiate the installation.

    • Sleeve bearing- Sleeve bearing are case fans having the same designs that are commonly used in Gadgets and toys. The oil-based substance reduces the friction in between the high-speed fan. It is easiest to maintain the life and performance of a case fan using sleeve bearing. They are affordable in price and maintained a reasonable temperature.
    • Magnetic bearing- You can also buy Magnetic bearing case fans because there is a lower amount of friction created. The four pin connectors of the fans are more compatible with the magnetic bearing that provide them exclusive workability and result in cost-effectiveness. The fan shaft shall never come in contact with the bearing through the help of magnetic bearing.
    • Fluid Dynamic- Fluid bearings are known to have the lowest noise level because of fluid cycling technology used. You can also use the word hydro to describe fluid dynamics in a simple way. The fluid dynamics and have the greatest lifespan ranging from hundred thousand hours. Find that have been built on fluid dynamics remain quiet throughout their life. They have better workability and lower noise level.


    Power connector

    You can choose among 3 pin or 4 pin case fans having different control on your motherboard. 4 pin fan cable will let you radiate extra heat naturally. 4 pin power connector is known for pulse width modulation. In other words, you can control the speed of a fan when it goes for 4 pin power connector.


    Speed & Noise

    The speed of the fan is measured in revolutions per minute. Choose the one with higher RPM. Talking about the noise level of a fan, you need to compare the same in decibel level. The easiest way to compare the noise level is by taking a glimpse into the mentioned specifications in the package box. The manufacturers check out the noise levels in a variety of ways. The best is to check out the third party views regarding the noise before purchasing a fan. The lower shall be the noise level, the better is the efficiency of a firm for the long-term perspective.


    Static Pressure Vs. Air Flow

    • Static Pressure- Static pressure is particularly analyzed in mmh2o. The higher the number, the more you can expect the fan to exert the pressure on an object. Static pressure design with more Precision and higher level engineering. They have dust filters and can manage higher resistance. You will always find a case fan with static pressure to decrease temperature more easily than a normal airflow fan.
    • Air Flow-  Fans having higher airflow simply push maximum air out of the system. Whereas when we talk about static pressure, these kinds of case fans are known to tackle installation with better resistance and quality. Nowadays, case fan mesh and radiators are becoming more preferable by individuals. Fans having traditional big blade fans ensure better air flow. They serve as an excellent option for exhaust vent. However, there are no arrangements for filters and meshes when will talk about case fans having more air flow.



    As we discuss above points you must check this points before select case fans. There are a few brands who make great quality case fans. Corsair and Noctua is my favorite choice.

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