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    How to Build a Remote Development Team of Software Developers and Its Benefits

    Remote work is the trend of modern management. And it’s no wonder, because it’s an obvious saving on office rent, the possibility of hiring the best employees and attracting customers from all corners of the country and the world. However, there are still more questions than the answers in the matter of how to hire remote developers to the high-tech project. Let’s find out why it is more profitable to hire remote programmers in order to derive maximum benefit from remoteness.


    Remote Development Team Benefits

    Looking for an answer to the question of how to hire good software developers, every initiator of a startup or an entrepreneur consider different opportunities to choose from. Let’s consider the benefits of creating a remote development team from the perspective of cost-savings and effectiveness of its members.

    • International teams of highly qualified employees. Such a model makes it possible to gather people from different countries and regions in one team, which is not always possible within one or several offices.


    • The saving of the payroll, which implies flexible forms of registration of labor relations. It becomes even more relevant to the question of how to hire developers since their salaries are relatively high if to hire them on a full-time basis.


    • Multiculturalism (although sometimes this point is treated as a disadvantage). It is about interethnic, intercultural, interreligious exchange, as well as the ability to maintain gender balance within teams.


    • Flexible work schedule. The remote model gives the ability to attract staff in the 24/7 mode, flexible and more individual approach to the working conditions. Making a decision on how to hire software developers, it is quite important to consider this point since a majority of specialists have already accustomed to being free from standard office schedule.


    Practical Tips to Build a Dedicated Team on a Remote Basis

    The development of IT project always begins with a great idea. The second step is the formation of a budget, which will cover the existence of the team in the first months. The third step is to decide how many developers should I hire and to find the team. So in general, the main task of a person who builds a team on their own is organizing such a corporate culture so that the competent specialist makes a choice in favor of a particular idea. In order to do this, you need to make the following steps.

    • Development of common rules. The first step to creating the right corporate culture for remote employees is to create a list of rules that all must adhere to without exception.
    • Preliminary analysis of demand. In the case of technological start-ups, the reason for failure is the lack of demand for a product. This question should be studied in advance so that later you do not have to justify yourself before the team. The analysis of demand will also help you to find out how many backend developers should I hire for the first time.
    • Financing. To do this, you need a start-up capital. This reduces team risks and increases the attractiveness of all parties.
    • Search for people. First of all, be guided by your own circle of acquaintances. Friends, colleagues, colleagues of friends is already a big circle of search if you spent at least a few years in IT.
    • People management. All the previous items were aimed at creating the right atmosphere in the team. But when everyone is united by one goal and started to work, it is the right leadership that comes to the fore.

    Reasons to Outsource IT Services to Ukraine

    Deciding on a question where to hire developers, an average customer begins to think about India, China and only then refers to Ukraine. Let’s see why Ukrainian developers are the more profitable solution to involve them in a dedicated team.

    The first reason is in the high level of the education. By 22-23 years, a graduate of the Ukrainian technical university receives good knowledge in the field of basic sciences. Having started working on the last courses of the university, by the age of 25-26 young programmers already have 3-4 years of experience. The European customer, deciding on how to hire best app developers in Ukraine, receives a higher level of the team, preparedness for solving complex technical problems, and lower staff turnover, as well as smaller cultural differences than in India.

    The second reason is in the cost of services. The cost of one programmer in Ukraine is 2-2.5 times less than in Europe or North America. But in India, China and other countries it is possible to hire a developer even cheaper. Ukrainian programmers are distinguished by the quality of services, the ability to solve complex technological problems, as well as a convenient location and time zone, even in relation to America.

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