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    How Chat Bot Development Can Help Startups Grow

    Do you remember the old days when we had to stand up in long queues to inquire something? Do you remember how our calls were hung by the companies when we tried to inquire about something on the phone? Those were the dreadful experiences.

    We used to think back earlier that one day something revolutionary would happen. Now it seems like our prayers have been answered. The answer is the “Chatbot”. The Chatbot is a useful technological development that would be helpful in solving the customers’ problem with the greatest ease.

    Chatbots are the tools of modern day tech that are actually used by many companies to solve their customers’ teething troubles without thwarting them. They allow customers to easily interact with the brand with the help of computerized and intelligent voice.

    Here we will enlighten you more as to how a Chatbot can actually help startups achieve an excellent customer satisfaction and of course have accentuated sales. So without much ado let’s begin…


    Your Startup Needs to Be Fast to Solve Issues

    You may lose a customer if your response systems aren’t good or if they are slow like a turtle. It would be really hard to cope up with the competition if your customer isn’t satisfied as Lee resources claim that 91 percent of customers wouldn’t do business with you if they aren’t happy about the customer service.

    Customers would be happy if they call you and a Chatbot answers as they would be assured of no human glitch while their problem is being resolved. Also, a Chatbot would inform them of the time that would be required to solve the issue.

    Isn’t that fruitful?
    Many times a customer gets frustrated if one doesn’t get any response from the Support team and if the Support team is operated by Chatbots then they would surely get a reply in time which would instead create an unimaginably good impression to the customers.


    Attracting More People to Your New Venture

    Sometimes when you have a new recruit at the reception or technical desk, there’s a possibility that for the one to turn down a huge offer due to lack of professional communication skills. Now, imagine if the call was handled by a bot, how things would be?

    Yes, you guessed it right; you can make the most out of every important offer as long as you use a bot.

    Chatbots are not only here to deal with the customers for their issues as they are here to help you with all professional kind of stuff. They would help in increasing your sales at a rapid pace. If a Chatbot is taught how to deal with an MNC client, then it may bring one of the most lucrative offers of all time to you.

    Do you remember the line said by Mark Zuckerberg at 2016 F8 conference? He said, “We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend. He said this line referring to the Chatbots as he knew that if a company’s helpline is handled by a Chatbot then it may bring a good fortune to the company.


    Recruiting Chatbot May Save Your Funds

    Most of you may have visited a Call Centre or have seen one on TV. You may have seen how one agent can attend only one call at a time so if you want more customers then you want more representatives. More representatives would mean that you need to pay more people. Well, Chatbots are here to solve this problem as well.

    A Chatbot can attend multiple calls at a time and it may be used instead of hiring many agents. Hence, using a chatbot can help you largely cut down on the cost of hiring and training customer service executives. This would eventually help you save a lot of your funds which you may invest in various other productive things to help your business elevate to a massive extent.


    Now the Obvious Question Would Be How?

    The answer is simple as we know that computers can multitask at a given time so a Chatbot would be able to handle more than one customer at a time which would save your money. Chatbots can’t replace human agents completely but at least they can save a great amount of money and time.

    According to a recent research, Chatbots would be able to save more than $8 billion per year by 2022. This fact is amazing as this gives a good boost to your and world economy. In fact, it would reduce the pressure on the government.

    Chatbots can also help you earn the money as we all know if the response systems are good more customers would be attracted. More customers mean more profit.
    Proves to Be a Real Helping Hand to Your Creation

    Bots can be helpful as a human can’t be awake for 24/7 but as we all know that a computer never gets tired so a bot is always active to answer customer grievances. Your Chatbot won’t make your customer wait for long to get some of the queries answered so this would definitely make your company a star in the customer’s eyes.

    A Chatbot would try to give the best possible services to your customer so that the customer never leaves the service provided by the company and attracts more clients.
    When my friend wanted to contact the university to get admission his calls were held as there was too much traffic but the university provided a Chatbot and due to this his admission process got a lot easier.


    How About Running an Error-free Venture?

    Have you ever seen a computer or any other machine performing any major error? I bet you haven’t as they are not built to make an error while performing any task. They are programmed in a way to produce errorless work. In fact, bots sometimes correct the mistake made by humans and sometimes they point out the mistake.

    When a Chatbot is employed, it doesn’t have to deal with the stress or get mad at the customers unlike the humans do. Instead, every query or issue of the customer is well responded every time by a Chatbot for sure. As we all know that a happy customer is a real investment so eventually employing a Chatbot may increase your sales.


    Building a Perfect Bot for Your Company

    Now, the question arises as to how to build a perfect bot for your company? It is important to first decide on the ways you would actually prefer to use a Chatbot in your business as there are be practically many ways in which Chatbots can be used in a business.

    If you have completely comprehended the value of using a Chatbot in a business and decided on using a Chatbot, here are the three ways you can go about it:


    Online Chatbot Platforms: You can use various online Chatbot platforms such as Chatfield, Botsify, Flow XO, Beep Boop, and that work pretty effectively with the popular messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and more

    Freelance Chatbot Developers: If you are too particular about the kind of features that you would like to incorporate in your Chatbot, hiring a freelance Chatbot developer is the next best thing you can do. However, in this case, it is important that you only hire one after you are completely sure of one’s competence and consistency.

    Chatbot Development Company: Hiring a Chatbot Development Company service may apparently seem to be a bit expensive but every single penny you spend on it is certainly worth it since with a Chat Development Company will help you with the technical aspects of your Chatbot on a consistent basis and that way, you are totally out of every single technical complexity related with the Chatbot.

    Also, naming the bot wisely in terms of the target location and in some cases, in terms of the language is a crucial aspect of building a powerful Chatbot for when you name your bot you actually, give it an identity somewhat like a human which helps the customer have a better interaction every time.


    The Bottom Line

    Chatbots can be a real help to everyone whether it is a customer or your company it is beneficial for everyone. It can increase your company’s sales as it would make your customer happy and would attract more and more customers.

    In the initial stages, your bot may help in increasing your sales effectively by resolving the customer issues but it is a machine so it cannot answer every question so keep an extra help always ready.

    Your Chatbot may increase your sales exponentially but it may malfunction anytime which is why have a regular check on the bots employed.

    So when are you getting one for your business?

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