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    Four Things to Do to Generate Sales Using Social Media

    Statistical estimates show that the number of worldwide active social media users will reach three billion by 2021. When nearly a third of the world’s population is on social media, it means that that is where the consumers are. As you think about how to generate leads online, you need to focus on taking your products where your target consumers are. Social media is a crucial avenue of reaching out to your target customers. Here are some four steps you can take to use social media to create brand awareness, generate sales, and reach out to new consumers.

    Have a Social Media Plan

    A social media plan is essential in providing a systematic way of using social media networks to drive sales. A social media strategy should define the target audience, the messaging theme, and the nature of the marketing content. Create strategic social media goals that you can measure. Have an execution plan, outlining what social media platforms you will use, how you will convey your messages to the target audience, and who will administer the various social media accounts. As you implement your social media plan, conduct regular audits and review to identify and address weak points. Successful brand such as Amazon and Coca-Cola have specific social media strategies, which explains their social media marketing success.


    Engage Your Audience

    Creating social media accounts and posting brand messages is not enough to generate business for your company. You need to monitor the messages you post and respond to your audience. For example, when you post an offer on your firm’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, keep checking what the current and prospective customers are saying. Respond to all of their questions and concerns, providing clarifications and telling them why they should consider your products. Also, post interesting and relevant content. Whenever possible, incorporate graphics, video, and images in your social media posts. Maintain consistency in your posts to keep the conversations about your products ongoing. The goal of audience engagement is to create interest, which translates to the potential buyers wanting to try the products you are offering.


    Understand Your Target Audience

    When you understand the traits and behavior patterns of your target customers, you know how to appeal to them. Gather information such as age, location, gender, lifestyle, income, education level, and personal preferences and expectations. Also, determine the social media networks that are popular among your specific audience. Use this customer intelligence to design appealing brand messages and offers to reach out to the customers. Look for trends in the customer information to adjust your social media messages and offers to suit the needs of the target customers. When the customers feel that your social media messages address their needs, they are likely to purchase your products.


    Reach Out to the Customers

    As an entrepreneur, you want clients to buy your products, which is why you should reach out to them. Make a deliberate effort to reach out to the customers, by initiating contact and giving offers. Start by interacting with the potential clients on social networking communities and forums. In your interaction, package your messages in a way that gives the prospective buyers a favorable impression of you. If you get contact details of the potential buyers, start by sending a simple email that showcases the value you are offering, without sounding like a pushy salesperson. You can follow up a series of well-targeted emails with a strategic call, in which you propose your value to the client.


    If you are looking to leverage the power of social media to generate business, you need a social media strategy to guide your social media messaging. You should define what social media platforms to use, and how to convey your message to your prospective consumers. When you use the right social media channels and adequately deliver value to your target customers, you will appeal to them, and generate sales in the process.

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