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    How to Find Your Lost or Stolen Smartphone & Track Its Location

    A cell phone is one of the most important things that we have in our lives and it is as important as a family member or even more for some. Losing a cell phone is the last thing that anyone would want isn’t it, but still there are possibilities for this to happen. Do you know what ‘Nomophobia’ is? Well, it is the constant fear of being without your mobile phone or losing it. Well, if it does happen, how will you tackle this situation? Ever thought of tracking phone location free? Well, it is all possible and thanks to the latest technology for this. Here are some of the top ways in which you can track phone number free.


    Tracking iPhone via Find My iPhone

    Find My iPhone for Tracking iPhone Location

    This is one of the biggest fears of losing a phone and when it is iPhone you know for sure that it is expensive and you never want to part with it for sure. However, for that situation to not occur you have the wonderful find my iPhone tracker that could be of great help. One of the best things is that this app will help you search and find your Apple device from any other device as well. This app can help you identify the exact location of your iPhone on the map. It also has a feature to sound a loud siren for 2 minutes so that anyone around it can find and return it. It can also put back the device on lock. The last resort of wiping out the data from iPhone is also possible.


    Use iCloud to locate iPhone for free

    You definitely want to track a cell phone location for free if it is an iPhone. This is quite similar to the find my iPhone app and carries out similar functions. This is also one alternative that is free and helps you identify, lock, alarm and also erase any date from the phone. The process to install and find your iPhone is almost similar and so it is better for you to get this app installed well in advance so that there is no hassle if you lose your phone somewhere.

    Tracking the Samsung Smartphone Location

    Samsung Find My Mobile For Tracking Lost Device

    Tracking a Samsung phone is as simple as tracking the iPhone. In fact, the various features and procedures for doing this are exactly the same. For most of the android phones if you want to track phone number free then you will need to install a separate app. However, there is an inbuilt feature called find my mobile with Samsung Galaxy and this works out to be best. With this, you can use a Samsung account and track a phone location for free. One of the most important things you need to do is to remember creating an account. This account is what will help you track phone number free and will also help you instantly wipe all the sate from a phone as the last resort.



    Tracking Android Device Location

    This is simpler compared to the other phones and devices hacking. If you have a Google account then this becomes much easy to do. All that you need to do is to use Android Device Manager in order to get your phone tracked. This tool is inbuilt in Google Android devices and all you need to do to activate this is to toggle a switch. Then you can use any other Android device to download this app from play store. This will help you to locate your phone for free.

    Android Device Manage Find Your Smartphone



    How to Track Someone Else’s Phone?

    This is one of the most important ways for the crime investigating agencies to solve a criminal case. There are sophisticated tools to track others phones for free and most of these are available with the federal government for investigation purposes. However, there are also many other apps that you can use to track someone else’s phone for free. You need to just have little technical knowledge and creativity for doing this and you are all set.

    Technology has made it possible for humans to experience and enjoy numerous things in life. We are living in a world where everything is possible and so to track phone location free should not sound challenging at all. These inventions have made it easy to have a proper control on one’s devices. Although, it is possible to track someone else’s phone it is good not to venture into this area just for fun because if you are caught doing something wrong against the government then this could be a problem. Always ensure that you plan well for any disaster to strike such as stealing, losing the phone, and so on. This will help you prepare in advance and find out your lost phone.


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