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    Best Methods to Remove Password from a PDF File

    Some people encrypt their PDF file with a password so that no one can copy, edit or delete the PDF file created by them. To view these files, you are required to enter into the PDF file which has been protected with a password.

    Such PDF files can only be used if you have removed the password. Your PDF files can remain safe if you keep them at a secure location on your computer.

    Simple and Convenient Method:

    There are different methods that you can use to remove password from the PDF file. The most common method is a convenient method. The best thing about this method is that it works in almost every operating system.

    This method to use the PDF file without a password is very easy. All you have to do is open the PDF file and print it as a new file. The new file is a duplicate copy of the original file but without the password.

    Although this method is very easy, there is a limitation of this method. The convenient method of using the PDF file can only be used if there is no Printing restriction with the PDF targeted file. Such files are just required to provide a password to be printed.

    How to Use the Convenient Method?

    • Open the browser
    • Open the PDF document protected by a password and provide the password that it needs
    • Click on the print button in order to view the document protected by the password.
    • Click on change and save as PDF.

    By following the method mentioned above, you will be directly prompted to a new PDF file which is the exact copy of the original file but is not protected by password anymore.

    Official Method:

    There is another effective method for using the file protected by the password. This official method requires you to use the Adobe Acrobat for this purpose. Adobe Acrobat is paid software that works effectively to use the encrypted files.

    The benefit of the official method over convenient method is that it can also open those files which have printing restrictions.

    How to use the official method?

    • Open the PDF file in adobe acrobat
    • Provide the password to view the document
    • Click on the lock icon and click to view the permission details of the file
    • Click the ‘’security method’’ and choose the option of no security. Click ‘’OK’’ to remove the password
    • Click on the ‘’save changes,’’ and your file will be saved

    The official method is one of the best methods to be used for opening the restricted password files. It should be kept in mind that every method of opening the encrypted file will be difficult if you don’t know about it.

    Online PDF Unlocker

    Another easy method is the use of online PDF Unlocker. If you are really interested in online unlocker, you can get one

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