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    9 Factors For Selecting The Best Soundbar In Your Budget

    When it comes to buying a soundbar for your TV, you will obviously look for the model that will offer you the best audio. But finding the best isn’t a straightforward process as a lot of considerations come into play that will decide which model you should get. So let’s go through those factors that will guide you to the best soundbar according to your requirements.


    1. Price Range

    Soundbar varies widely in price, and it ranges from standard soundbar under $200 to feature-rich models costing more than $1500. Before moving, you should narrow down your price range before purchasing because it will smooth up your buying process.


    2. Type

    Along with price range, there is too some variation in the type, and it includes all-in-one soundbar, soundbar with subwoofer, passive soundbar, and home theater soundbar. You should type depending upon setup you are planning to couple with your new TV. For a standard upgrade, all-in-one and passive models will be ideal while for surround sound with cinematic experience soundbar with subwoofer and home-theater model would do the justice.


    3. Surround Sound

    Surround sound serves as a big highlight of any soundbar, and it totally immerses you in the movie or audio. You should opt for 5.1 or 7.1.2 channel soundbar as they offer the best surround sound output. You can even opt for 2.0 or 2.1 channel soundbar, but they won’t enchant you with an immersive effect.


    4. Additional Subwoofer

    A soundbar will cradle your ear with good audio, but it won’t deliver a punchy bass that you will yearn while watching a movie or listening to modern music. An inbuilt subwoofer will provide the required bass output, but if you are looking for that extra depth, you need to have an external subwoofer. The better the power and frequency range of the subwoofer, the better will be the output. So depending upon your requirement, you can choose either wired or wireless subwoofer.


    5. Drivers and Frequency Range

    Having adequately sized drivers is a crucial consideration when it comes to buying the best soundbar. A large driver will deliver exceptional audio output as they get more space to produce the sound.

    Never compromise on the frequency range and always hunt for the widest frequency range possible like 50Hz to 20KHz. Also try to opt for a model with an adequate number of drivers like two tweeters, two subwoofers and one subwoofer as they lead to unparalleled audio quality.


    6. Technologies

    First and foremost, look for surround sound technologies like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS: Surround if your priority is realistic surround output. These technologies not only offer a lifelike faux cinematic output but also adds richness and depth to the sound. Besides, also check whether the soundbar has 3D or surround mode as it will enhance the surround audio effect.

    Dialogue or voice clarity technologies is another aspect that you should keep in mind because they will enhance the voice clarity in the music and movie.

    If you are planning to use your soundbar as a hub then make sure, the soundbar comes with 4K, HDR or 3D pass through as they will retain optimum visual quality. So when you connect a lot of devices to your soundbar, this technology ensures you get the exact 4K, HDR, or 3D visual quality without any degradation.

    Look for Amazon Alexa or Google Home support if you want to transform your room into a smart hub. These smart devices will allow you to control the soundbar with just voice, which will ultimately ease up the usability.


    7. Connections 

    RCA, optical digital cable, and HDMI serve as the primary connection you should have in a soundbar as you will require them to connect different devices. It would be great to have a USB port as it will facilitate USB music play or other connectivity options. Want to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other devices? Then check whether it offers Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection facility.


    8. Size and Design

    Always opt for a model with a sleek design and compact size as it will easily fit around the TV. You won’t love to have a soundbar that is bulky and will occupy a good amount of space around your TV, which will ultimately hinder your decor.


    9. Usability

    A soundbar with well laid out remote control and onboard control will not only offer top-notch functionality but will also ease up the usability. Emphasis on the convenience and usability factor while purchasing a soundbar.

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