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    8 Practical Tips For Staying Fit And Healthy Even If You Are A Busy Mother

    There is no job description that is as life-altering as ‘mum’. Right from the day you welcome your patter of tiny feet, you program yourself to make them your top priority – their health, school, clothes and every other thing. In-between the endless nappy changes, homework help, cooking dinner for everyone, most women find themselves losing a grip of their fit lifestyle simply because the periods of the day that were initially used for this are now dedicated to the family and a preparation tactic for the next day. Combined with work, the occasional trips to the paediatrician, constant cleaning and adjusting to the tastes of your children, maintaining your health can become a struggle.

    The struggle can be even more challenging if as a woman you have a natural tendency to get overweight due to physical or emotional stress. In spite of all this, there is every opportunity to introduce several exercises and lifestyle changes, which ensure that a busy mom gets fit and learns with time to pay more attention to her personal health while juggling career and family responsibilities.

    We would list a few aspects that can be retouched to suit a mum’s schedule:


    1. Breakfast

    One time, you have it all together – the lettuce, veggies and fruits, and the next moment you are downing four doughnuts with a toddler on your hip because you forgot to eat breakfast. Many fitness women and nutritionists will tell you about the importance of not skipping breakfast. Your first meal sets the pace for your metabolism for that day, and it will determine how you tend to eat for that day. Starting out with lean proteins (broiled chicken or a Greek yoghurt helping) for the day can be the kick starter to the ‘staying fit’ milestone.

    Another thing you can consider is munching on fruits while scurrying about your homely duties. This can keep you sated and contribute to your fitness goals.


    1. Cravings – the sweet tooth

    Here the key is not cutting them out altogether but substituting them for healthy choices. Flavored fizzy-free drinks can substitute diet soda, tangerines or apples can go in for those gummy bears you like so much. It is quite understandable that most of us find a need to snack throughout the day; we might as well do it right even when we’re so busy.


    1. The food journal

    Literally, this would have implied you carrying a mini-note around, but with technology’s help, you can now make notes on your mobile device, so you don’t even have to worry about losing them. Some women reported this working for them during their pregnancy period, so it is worth a try.


    1. Get rid of leeches

    No, not the red slug-like creatures that are quite nasty to even look at – one of the few tips that help everyone and mostly mums involves cutting out extra activities that seem harmless but have a way of clogging up your day. From constant watching the TV in a bid to relax to constantly operating mobile gadgets, these ‘leeches’ cunningly take up most of our time. If you are a young mum and spend a lot of time on your college or university then you can use EssayVikings website to get all necessary help with your paperwork and save tons of your nerves. Make a list of things you tend to do the most, and fish out those taking up your time. This would not only help you focus on your goals, but also would be a sure nugget on how to stay energized.


    1. Late night snacking

    We always have that one favorite bowl of ice cream with extra toppings we want to enjoy when everyone is asleep, with a book or a late-night lottery draw. The challenge arises when this is a constant habit. The body’s metabolism rate is not as active during the night as it is during the day. A helpful piece of advice is substituting it for a low-calorie dessert, preferably one made by you; nuts, honey, low-calorie yogurt sound like a yummy idea.


    1. Exercises in ‘odd’ places

    The best thing about exercises is that they come in subtler ways than we imagine. This makes it easier to choose fitness tips for moms. Instead of taking the elevator, you can opt for taking the stairs; introduce a few squats while chatting with a bestie. Turn your work chair into a support system for a few simple workout routines during a coffee break. A few stretches while waiting for hubby to come back from work can go a long way in helping boost your metabolism.


    1. Water

    Cut down on the tea, coffee, juices – and go for water instead. Keeping yourself fully hydrated is one of the keynotes to make in your ‘fit for mom’ list. Water is a natural cleanser, and it also helps to keep you sated, helps digestion and leaves you feeling fresh and light.


    1. Family involvement

    Finally, what cuter and more practical way to get motivated than getting everyone in on the fun in keeping fit? Choose certain weekends to carry out some exciting, simple dance workouts to the tune of 80’s music. Staying healthy together boosts motivation – and you get one extra way to bond with the people you truly care about.



    About the Author:

    Emma Rundle is a professional writer. She enjoys writing about a wide range of topics, the family being one of the exciting ones. She loves skateboarding with her sons during weekends.

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    Robert Lemus

    Nice work, Emma! These tips are very helpful for every mom out there! Guess I’m gonna share these with my mom friends. Thanks!