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    7 Basic Tips You Must Read Before Building a PC

    Building a complete personal computer from scratch is quite interesting. Even though the process is complex and daunting, at the end of it all the gain is all yours. If not for any other reason, building a PC by your own will always give you the chance and freedom to select the computer specifications of your interest. I am sure everyone wishes to own a computer that has the best specs and components. But now price is the biggest limitation here. The higher the quality of the computer specs and components, the higher the cost of the computer.  Now, this is where many of us go for the low quality PC due to price limitations. This is when you later realize that your PC came with a low-quality Hard Disk, Case, Ram and other important components of a PC.

    Building a computer by yourself is cheap also. You need is to purchase the components and then put them together by yourself and at your own most convenient time.

    The process is tiresome and time wanting but with the correct guide and knowledge, things are better off.  Below is a list of Tips to help you build a complete Personal computer successfully.


    1. Plan for the whole process

    For every proposed/underway project, a detailed plan is quite essential. You do not get into such a complex task with no plan or guide to working alongside. It’s important that you take time and prepare a good plan with the processes and all steps involved in the project. Put down all the steps and their respective requirements. This way, you will be able to work with confidence and focus.  Again, a plan should include the total budget of the whole process. This way, you will be able to work within the stipulated time and budget.


    2. Know the PC specifications you need:

    This is by far the most important aspect to consider for a successful PC building project. The quality of a Personal Computer is determined by its specifications. First of all, be sure of the speed specifications.  The processing speed and power of any computer is as a result of several components.  The main component to consider under speed aspect is the CPU. This is the brain of the Computer. The CPU takes care of process executions.  The CPU you choose should be of high speed. The speed of a CPU is professionally termed to as the Clock Speed and it’s usually indicated in GHz.  Any CPU with a speed of above 2.8 GHz is perfect for a good PC.

    The RAM size is also a building block of a computers processing speed. The more the RAM you install in your computer, the higher the information transfer speed. Not to forget of the Hard Disk. The bigger and faster the hard drive, the more efficient.

    Other specifications you need to be careful with includes the Type of motherboard you choose to use. There different types of the PC motherboard. You can choose to work with the Intel Micro-ATX Motherboards, high-end Intel motherboard, Intel Mini-ITX motherboard, and many others. Be sure to pick the best. If you decide to work with the Micro ATX motherboard, get the right Micro ATX Case for perfect compatibility.


    3. Test Before Install

    This may sound ridiculous but it’s very important to take it as seriously as possible. If you get time, go through the Newegg customer reviews and you will agree with me that it’s possible to purchase faulty and dead parts. DO not assume things and get yourself into a bigger mess later on. They say prevention is better than cure. Just take time and test the parts before you begin the building process. Be sure that they are in good condition before installing them into your proposed personal computer.


    4. Create a Good Airflow

    Many are the time’s people overlook this aspect. Do not be a part of the ignorant people. Actually, those who ignore this fact are seriously in bigger trouble than they will ever imagine. Good airflow within a computer is majorly what makes it durable and reliable. To ensure you do not make a mistake in this, install the best fans on your PC to make sure that good airflow is maintained.


    5. Create room for Upgrades

    In computing, there is one feature of a computer system that is crucial. The scalability of that computer system. Scalability is the ability of a computer system to accommodate or handle upgrades in the future. When you are building your PC, ensure that the components are capable of handling any future system upgrades. Ensure that some space is left out in case you want to install more components in the future.


    6. Give the components some space

    It’s good to give the PC components space while you are putting them together. When you cram the Components of your computer, you make things worse as far as the computer ventilation is concerned and that is an obstacle to good airflow within your PC. At least we now know what poor airflow within your Pc brings forth. Try your best to keep your Pc well ventilated and that includes spacing up the components during the installation process.


    7. Choose the right power supply

    Now is equally important and quite essential to consider when building a PC.  When it comes to the power supply issue, make sure you are sure of the amount of power your PC will consume. It’s possible to get the wrong power supply without any knowledge. Now that is quite disappointing. It’s really annoying when you have completely built your PC and then find out later that you have the wrong power supply. It will better if the power supply is unable to supply enough power to boot the PC than to get one that supplies excessive power to your PC. Here things may get messy if you are not careful.

    On the other hand, for the purpose of counterfeiting power surge and blackout, it’s recommended that you get an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).



    Now you have all the basic tips you need for a successful Pc building.  Adhere to the tips and you will thank me later. Most importantly, be sure of what you want. With that, you will be able to build the PC of your dream.

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