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    5 Useful Tips To Create Highly Readable Content

    What is Readability of Content?

    Readability of content refers to the technique of expressing your content information in simple words. The content should be interesting, easy to understand and engaging so that users look for more. One of the popular readability testing tools today is the Flesch-Kincaid readability. If your content scores 60 to 70 or more in Flesch-Kincaid readability test, your readability level is quite good and your post has higher chances of ranking well in Google.

    Grammarly premium version also helps you check and improve the content’s readability with proper sentence construction, perfect vocabulary usage, and enhance sentence structure. Grammarly premium free version is unfortunately not available. You have to pay for the subscribed plan. But, you can take the 7 days trial plan and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription within 7 days to get back your refund. Content readability plays a pivotal role in improving the site’s SEO.


    How to improve the readability of content

    The following 5 tips will guide you on how you can to write good readable content.

    1. Make precise and short paragraphs

    Always remember to start your paragraphs with an important sentence related to the topic and then elaborate it. The first line plays a very important part in engaging the readers’ mind to your content. It also helps readers understand what is content is all about. Keep your paragraphs short. Don’t use more than 7 to 8 sentences and keep the description precise and simple. Make sure you keep your paragraphs short.


    1. Construct short and simple sentences

    Focus on delivering your content information in short sentences in not more than 20 words. Sometimes you have no choice other than writing long sentences but, avoid it as much as possible. Short sentences grab reader’s attention and they find it easy to understand. Those who write blogs especially, make sure you follow this point sincerely.


    1. Use Active voice

    Avoid using passive voice in sentences. The more you write in active voice and address personally as ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘We’, users find it easy to understand. Passive voice interprets as if you are communicating with robots instead of human readers. Also, too many passive writing complicates sentence construction. Active voice helps you to develop a conversational writing style.


    1. Focus on your point

    A little bit of story illustration is all right but, to a certain limit. Make sure you don’t go off track from your writing topic. Illustrate the intro in a few lines and come straight to the information that you want to deliver. If readers find you deviating from the topic, they are most likely to skip lines to find the main story. Many of them can even leave your site losing interest.


    1. Use transition words

    Transition words like- because, therefore, besides that, most interesting, etc signals the readers’ something great is waiting for them in the content. It is very useful for grabbing the reader’s attention and engaging them in your content. In the summarizing part, you can use words like- First, Second, Third and in the conclusion part, you can go for words like- hence or therefore. Also, mix up your content with alternate long and short paragraphs to make it interesting and readable.  


    Final Words

    The above-mentioned 5 tips are highly recommendable for every bloggers and writer to create readable content. It will organically help your site rank well in Google.

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