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    4 Tips to Making Money Using Social Media Marketing

    Social media has traditionally been a place where people virtually connect and mingle, and nothing more. No one thought it could turn out to be the biggest marketing platform that it is today. It turns out that people are more likely to buy what you’re offering on social media if they have made a significant connection with you.

    Gaining a following on giant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is now the ultimate goal for most business-minded individuals and companies. More so, connecting with groups and creating a trustworthy, open and conversational relationship with followers.

    Gone are the days when advertising was without feedback. Nowadays, people want to see how your product makes others feel by simply reading your social media reviews. They want to find out how you relate to other customers before making a purchase. Below are some tips you can use to your advantage and make money, leveraging on the social media followers.


    1. Promote Products and Services

    Promoting your products and services on social media works tremendously well with a huge following. People want to hear of a quality product or service that makes their life easier or solves a problem. However, you can lose some followers if you over promote your products and services.

    Always aim to inform the masses on why they need your product or service before calling them to action. That way, you’ll be more focused on their needs and appear less eager to sell.


    1. Take Advantage of Visual Media

    Written information about a product or a service gets the message across to a certain degree. On the other hand, creating a video or clear images with demonstrations of products or services gets better reception and response. People are more likely to comprehend what you offer through a short video than they would be reading print.


    1. Promote Affiliate Products

    Companies are hungry for feedback, especially on the product and services improvement. In a world where there’s fierce business competition, everyone wants to make a value-adding product to outdo their competitors.

    If you choose to be an affiliate marketer, you get a chance to review products that you have used previously. You mention both their merits and demerits then offer a link back to the product.


    1. Promote Your Consulting Services

    Are you a music teacher? A life coach or any other expertise? Your clients await to meet with you on social media. You can prepare a comprehensive short video of your proficiency and link with clients through video calls. That way, you accomplish your work without even leaving your home.




    Money-making SMM strategies are ripe for taking. You have to come up with a proper positioning that will draw clients to your site, focusing on what you can do for them.

    Understandably, you may not have the time or the knowledge of creating a social media plan to take your product to the next level. If that’s your case, or you just want a professional approach and better returns on your SMM scheme, Digi SMM can tailor a plan worth your investment.

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