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    How to Turn On Android Microphone Remotely with Monitoring App

    Android phones are very popular in the contemporary world. It provides plenty of groundbreaking features to the users. That’s why everyone wants to have Android smartphones in their hands. We know people from every age group are using the cell phone gadgets for better connectivity and for fast internet. They use plenty of instant messaging applications and do chats, conversations, VOIP calls, VOIP messages and text messages on their devices. We are dependent on the modern technology no time ever before. The most interesting and fascinating parts of the modern mobile phones are back and front camera, heavy microphones, and large screen displays. These modern devices have provided huge benefits to the people of the world.  But these modern age gadgets also the source of creating terrible issues in the lives of the young generation.

    How to Turn On Android Microphone Remotely with Monitoring App 1

    They can talk to their friends secretly; they can do chat with online friends without their parent’s consent and make plans to meet with their online friends. Teens can make their whereabouts secretly and often got some horrible addictions such as sex abuse, drug abuse and plenty of other dangerous problems. So, how can we turn on microphone remotely in order to listen to the surrounding sounds and listen and record their calls remotely?

    Turn on Your Android Microphone Remotely

    If parents want to listen and hear and record Voices and the surrounding sounds on the target cell phone remotely, then they have to turn on the Microphone remotely. They can do it very easily with the help of the MIC bug of the TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software. It is very different and user-friendly than the classic recording features of other spy software. TOS app does not need to send a hidden text message on the target phone in order to turn on the microphone of the mobile phone device. Android mic recording allows the user to make a MIC Bug from a cell phone monitoring app control panel and then can listen to the ambient sounds on the target device from 1 minute to 45 minutes. Following is the way to activate the microphone remotely of the target phone.

    Turn on the microphone of the device through MIC Bug

    • Initially, you have to log-in on TOS account through given credentials. Now select the MIC Bug from the features. It enables a user to record the surrounding sounds with the help of the microphone.
    • Users have to create a MIC Bug and fix the timings of bugging from 1 minute up to the 45 minutes. After that send command on the target android phone. Once the command is been received on the target phone, then MIC Bug will start bugging abruptly. The user can also send multiple commands at once in an order form. It means a user has choice create bugging according to their desire.
    • MIC Bug automatically starts getting Voices and sounds and then sends it to the dashboard.
    • The user can collect the recorded surrounding sounds of the target device from the TOS control panel.
    • One thing a user needs to know that the android phone device should be connected to the internet. In-case of limited connectivity, the target phone may not get the command from the user and status can remain on pending or fail.


    You can turn on the Android phone microphone remotely with the MIC Bug of the smartphone tracking app remotely.


    Tech Tip

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