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    Top 5 Image Editing Softwares In 2018

    As graphic designers, we are used to working with different programs and applications. And one of the ones that surely spend more hours open in our teams are those of image editing.

    Either for trivial tasks, such as trimming an image. Or more complex issues such as retouching and balancing a photograph in RAW format. Image editing is essential for our projects. But sometimes we get carried away by what the majority uses, without thinking in advance if that program is the one that best suits our needs. Or if with another we would improve our workflow.

    For this reason, we have seen the need to create a list of some of the best image editing software available on the market today. We will review some of its characteristics, and its weak points, to present each of them in a more sincere way.


    Adobe Photoshop CC – the most popular among the community

    Adobe Photoshop CC is still today the star image editing tool for artists, illustrators, and designers. Of course, if you are a photographer, perhaps your needs do not fit completely into this program. Adobe follows its philosophy of having a different software for each type of professional. So if you’re a photographer, maybe Lightroom, which we’ll talk about later, fits better in your needs

    Photoshop’s layer, mask, and retouching tools remain the standard by which others are judged. It is designed for meticulous work on single or multi-layered composite images, rather than a quick daily edit. Unfortunately, it has not yet implemented work with 32-bit HDR. Another negative point for photographers.

    The only way to get Photoshop now is through an Adobe subscription. This is something that raised a lot of controversy in his day since there is no option for the complete purchase of the program. You will have to pay monthly, with different plans at different prices as detailed on their website.


    Corel Paintshop Pro – the classic that is still there

    Corel PaintShop Pro is one of the best alternatives to Photoshop. This is one of the most user-friendly image editors and has a large number of creative filters, advanced editing options, and graphic design tools. The basic version of PaintShop Pro for Windows sells for € 69.99, but there is also an $ 89.99 PaintShop Ultimate version, which includes Painter Essentials 5, Perfectly Clear 3 SE and Corel Aftershot 3 for photo editing RAW.

    PaintShop Pro includes all the tools that most photographers will need to edit their images. It includes around 86 creative filters with which you can manipulate images almost instantaneously. The application provides a Retro Lab to apply vintage effects, a gradual filter option, several selection tools for objects, a fading correction tool, lens correction, cloning tool, photo organizer and much more.

    For logo designers services Dubai and graphics design, you can select many brushes and drawing tools, incorporate text into any print and use layers. A screen capture tool, preset text settings, dual monitor mode, and geo-tagging support are some of the features of PaintShop that Photoshop does not provide.


    GIMP – freedom by a flag

    GIMP is possibly the best free image editor that exists. Any existing tool in other payment software is surely available in GIMP.

    Its image editing toolkit is impressive and features layers, masks, curves, and levels. You can easily delete image errors with the excellent cloned stamp, create custom brushes and apply perspective changes. In addition to changes in isolated areas with intelligent selection tools.

    GIMP is an open source photo editor, and its community of users and developers has created a large collection of add-ons to further expand its usefulness. Many of these come pre-installed, and you can download more from your official repository. If that is not enough, you can even install Photoshop add-ons.

    This mixture of control and flexibility makes GIMP the greatest free picture editor. Being available for Windows, Mac, OS or Linux.


    Adobe Lightroom CC – the most powerful cataloguer

    The new CC Lightroom represents Adobe’s change from traditional image storage and catalog to an intuitive cloud-based system. The interface feels less like professional software and more like a simple smartphone application.

    Create a single catalog of all your photos without the need to change their name or enter sophisticated keywords. Simply drag and drop your images and Lightroom CC organizes them and automatically adds them so you can find your photos in the blink of an eye.

    You can edit your images nonstop from the software by means of artistic presets or you can create selective modifications if you prefer. The software presents settings for light, color, fine details, and optics.

    However, it lacks some of the individual edit controls like complex curve and color adjustments that Photoshop enthusiasts love. For just over € 12 a month you can get the Creative Cloud package that includes Lightroom CC, 20GB of cloud storage and Lightroom Classic. In addition to Photoshop CC, for a deeper photo enhancement experience.


    Pixlr Editor – the online alternative

    The best free online photo editor, with layers, masks, and many more options. As simple as that. If you are a casual photographer, surely Pixlr Editor will offer you everything you need.

    Most of the free photo editing tools that are used from the browser are usually too simple. Adding filters and little else. But Pixlr Editor is different. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection and do not mind the lack of add-ons, this web application is almost as powerful as the best desktop image editors.

    Once the image is loaded and we will have access to layers, masks, selection tools and everything else you would expect from a first level image editor. Unfortunately, there is no editing of batches of images. But you can open several files at the same time and edit them individually.

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