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    Online Logo Design, the New Branding Phenomenon

    Everybody is talking about it! More and more sites are popping up on the web and are offering online logo design services. Even the big guys like Squarespace & Wix want a piece of the action. But why is online logo design so popular these days? What makes a good online logo maker, and why is it tempting for company owners to use logo makers for branding.

    In this article, we are going to break down just a few advantages that there is in design a logo online and analyze what makes a good online logo maker.

    But first, let’s go back a bit. Logos have traditionally been designed by either freelance graphics designers or agencies. Before online logo makers existed, there were only two methods of designing a logo; hiring a freelance designer or contacting a design agency. Nowadays, entrepreneurs have more options. These options have changed the way we design logos.

    We’ll get back to that in a little while, but first, let’s break down the different ways you can design a logo today:


    Hiring a Freelance designer or web agency

    Like I mentioned earlier, going through a freelance design or web agency to design a logo is the oldest way, and has been the only two ways to design a logo in branding history. In a nut shell, you provide your interlocutor with a logo brief, he/she will then provide you with a logo design which will then be tweaked and elaborated to your needs. Using this method means that you will be delivered a fully customized logo. But It is a long process (usually 4-6 weeks) and is usually quite costly.


    Logo design contests

    Logo contests sites have been around for a while and offer a much more interesting logo design package than freelance designers or web agencies. The concept behind logo contest sites is simple. By becoming a member of the site and submitting your logo brief, the site will then give you access to it’s community of designers that will each deliver a logo draft for you. This utimately means that you can choose the designer that you wish to work with based on their style and creativity and finalize your logo with them. This method usually takes around 1-2 weeks to finalize depending on the number of revisions that you need to make on your logo design.


    Online logo makers

    Online logo makers have only been around for around 10 years and are changing the logo industry. Online logo design is a phenomenon that started with the DIY movement. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term DIY, it signifies Do IT Yourself. More and more companies are created each year, and people are realizing that branding can be created for a fraction of the price and with limited risks. Online logo makers allow you to design company logos by yourself. Through simple and intuitive online design steps


    1. Your company details

    By entering your company details, the logo maker will automatically display a selection of logo templates to choose from based on your information.


    2. Logo customization

    Once you’ve chosen a logo template, you can customize it with the online tools. The online tools allow you to adjust colors, shapes, fonts and other settings. You can virtually do anything you want with the logo.


    3. Logo preview and download

    Once you’re finished with your logo, you will be presented with a mock-up (a preview of your logo on different printed products and merchandise) and you will be able to download your logo in HD format files for a small fee.

    As I mentioned above, online logo design has many advantages and here a just a few of them which really make the difference.


    Design control

    Design a logo online is very simple and does not require any design skills. Just let the logo maker guide you through the steps, and you are on your way to designing a great logo on your own. The great thing about online logo makers is that you stay in control every step of the way. You can adjust, tweak, modify your logo very quickly. You don’t need to contact a third party for the design, and you can download HD graphic files as you go.


    Saving time

    Online logo design is a huge time saver. Instead of spending weeks waiting for a designer to finish your logo, you will be able to get your HD files within 10-15 minutes. You can get your HD logo files fast and get on with branding your social network pages, printing business cards and so-on.



    Once you’ve designed your logo, you will probably realize that you need different layouts and formats for various branding elements. For example, you need a logo in a horizontal format for your website header? Don’t sweat it, simply log on to your account, hit the modify button and make the adjustments you need on your logo. You won’t have to wait hours before receiving your new logo and will be able to download your graphic files instantly.


    Creative Flow

    Every business owner has their own vision. Designing your business logo is a key element and should reflect your individuality and business concept. Online logo design gives you easy-to-use design tools to express yourself and design something that comes from you.


    Wrapping up

    Whether you decide to hire a professional or give online logo design a go, make sure you analyze the market first and see what other companies are doing. Inspiring yourself isn’t a bad thing. Your logo must by unique and original and symbolize your activity. So what are you waiting for? Start designing your logo today.

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