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    Why You Should Get a Good Logo Design for Your Business

    The logo for a brand is usually the most important facet of a brand’s presence. Unlike the company name, the logo is nearly omnipresent in all communication materials for the brand, being ubiquitous in nearly all marketing aspects and is one of the most important visual brand assets for the company. A good logo can make or break a company’s existence in the psyche of the consumer, and its performance is usually linked to the way in which a company sees it as an asset and an investment for the organization.

    Logos have a knack for racking up unfair expectations within the thinktanks of the organization. Most organizations consider a logo to represent all of the aspects of the organization, something which is nearly impossible to attain through a simple piece of design. Most designers and marketers agree that best professional logo design should represent the ethos of the brand – what the brand wants to achieve, providing consumers with a visual clue as to why they should care for the brand.


    How to Get a Logo Designed for Your Business

    One of the key benefits of having a well-designed logo is that it helps to create an impression about the brand in the minds of its consumers. A good logo should be original, unique and memorable, without resorting to cliches to appeal to its core consumer base.

    1. Trust: Logos are the primary methods to help build trust recollection – when the organization provides something of value to the consumer, the consumer returns that by imbibing the trust they place on the organization through their association with the logo.
    2. Differentiation: The logo is the primary method of differentiation from those of its competitors in the minds of the consumer. For a vast majority of products and services, competitors can easily duplicate offerings and pricing, but due to the copyrighted nature of the logo, it is impossible to duplicate this key aspect. Logo duplication results in counterfeiting and piracy of the brand and is illegal in nature. A logo should contain various factors such as imaging, colors, and typefaces which are instantly recognizable and can help an organization differentiate itself from those of its competitors.

    3. Engagement: Consumers engage with an organization on a transactional level, paying for goods and services. However, they engage with the logo at a deeper, more emotional level. This is due to the fact that the logo imbibes the qualities and aspirations of not only the organization but the consumer itself. All of the most popular brand logos have an aspirational factor to it. Consumers want to aspire to possess better objects and receive better treatment than their peers, and the logo helps to certify that aspiration within the minds of the consumers.

    4. Loyalty: Loyalty is a part of human nature. If a person receives some form of positive emotional cues from another person or group, that person is automatically attached to the other. This is true for all human interactions, and especially interactions between brands and people. When a brand provides positive reinforcement, the consumer attaches to the brand, and one of the best ways of letting people attach themselves to a brand is through a memorable logo. This attachment is, in fact, more valuable than all other forms of marketing combined, since the consumer becomes the spokesperson for the brand, marketing it indirectly to his or her peer group.



    If you want to make your organization memorable in the hearts and minds of your consumers, it is imperative to possess a memorable and well-defined logo. A logo is not only a mark for your brand but an asset in building faith and trust across your target market.

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