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    6 Best Tips to Design Enticing Logos

    If you are designing a logo, it will appear as an easy task at first. Starting with a circle, typing in the organization’s name, and you are done. But, if you worth the money, then there’s a lot you can do with it. About millions of people in the logo design industry try to create crappy logos for the sake of bulk production for the crow sourcing sites. As a serious professional, you need to stand out in the crowd and build quality-rich logos that stand out from others.


    Color Matters a Lot

    Among the top considerations for designing a log, including the color palette. It is not a superficial solution, as color communicates much about the message. Many times, you are attached to colors of the brand. However, you have the freedom to explore colors and choose a vivid color palette.

    The colors can grab your attention and pull you in, bringing life to illustration and providing context to the individual landscape. Having said, a logo should be versatile and function perfectly in the grayscale. You can create a logo in single color version too utilizing black and negative space. However, it would be quite tricky. You can consider that what the logo will be utilized for and whether different use case requires different logo versions.


    Ignore the Cliché

    After every few years, new trends emerge in the logo design industry. Thus, you need to stay updated with the design trends or you might end up in being outdated. Many times, designers fall into an impression of designing similar logos. This is because they are stuck with the same idea repeatedly. The standard epitome is using same design repeatedly.

    Therefore, you can create a logo yourself apart from relying on what others create and getting something new out of it. Many times, I think of how to create my own custom logo, and then I come across some logo design companies who can help in creating fantastic logo designs.


    Utilize a Visual Double Entendre

    Some of the best logos in the world make use of a technique called visual double entendre, an overly fancy approach to say that it contains two pictures blended into a single one through interpreting an idea of a concept. As a matter of fact, viewers like the mind games you play and are prone to love a specific design because of it.


    Make It Enticing

    Undeniably, you need to create a logo that is much appealing and enticing to the audience. This concept is crucial as it ties the audience with the brand. Instead of going after the hearing, you can use a cliché design. You should aim to create something that is easily recognizable. Consider it as; it is not actually about drawing an elephant’s head, as it is not a unique concept. But, the way it is made i.e.

    It’s really just an elephant head, which doesn’t sound like a very unique concept. However, the way it’s drawn with the curled trunk and page fold in the ear makes it instantly recognizable. If you are designing logos, think about if the design is generic or distinct.

    It is likely that others will create something similar. Do remember that the first idea is often generic. You can try filling a notebook page with rough sketches prior to deciding what ideas you will pursue further.


    The Custom Designs

    Though we are on a subject of becoming unique and distinct, there is nothing that provides your logo with a distinct feel as the custom lettering does. Many times, we witness a logo design as simply a visit to the font menu for viewing what typeface can make a company’s name appear best. In case, someone is paying you to design a logo, they might expect you to put in extra efforts.


    Keeping Things Simple

    When it comes to facing the truth, not everyone can bring in life to a hand-drawn script. Just due to fact that you are a designer does not mean you are a great illustrator or typographer. If this is the case for you, then you do not need to worry as nothing prevents you from creating amazing logos.

    In this case, you need to remember the three powerful words; Keep It Simple. Having said, simple yet powerful logos thrive in the business world and have proven to be the remarkable icons standing against the race of time.

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