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    Tips on Measuring Your YouTube Performance

    If you haven’t started using videos for your marketing purposes, then you are losing a lot. Video blogging is one of the fastest growing platforms especially with YouTube offering a great chance for marketers to reach a wider audience. However, it is important to appreciate that the performance of your YouTube marketing needs to be measured just as is the case with other marketing strategies such as blogging and SEO content writing. That said, the question remains on how best you can measure your YouTube performance to get real results that will help you know the best approach to take in order to achieve your goals. There are several ways to assess the performance of your business’ YouTube campaign. Here are some tips to help you measure your YouTube video performance for better strategizing: –


    Assess your audience’s behavior

    The first way to establish how your YouTube videos are performing is by assessing how your audience reacts or responds to your content. There are several power analytic data provided by YouTube to help in the evaluation. This way, not only are you able to do the evaluation but you can also know how you can improve your content for better performance.

    You can access the analytics by opening the “Creator Studio” where you can see audience what behavior under the “Watch time reports” which allows you to see data regarding the audience viewing the videos and also the video watch behavior. Basically, your YouTube campaign success can be measured by the amount of time your viewers spend watching your video content. This is more important than the number of views your videos have received. The goal is to have those who view them stay longer and act based on the influence they get from the content.


    Audience engagement

    When doing your assessment, always remember that viewer engagement is very important. Just as the continued watching of the videos is important, you must always consider YouTube engagement reports as a way of getting the general idea of viewers’ quality. If the audience only watches the video content for a few seconds, then it means you’re failing.

    Once you buy YouTube subscribers from service providers such as, the next thing is that you’d want to know how valuable your social investment is. Always check how your audience is interacting with your videos and also whether the number of channel subscribers is growing. A growing number of subscribers will be an indication of growth but any sign of significant loss is a sure sign that something needs to be done.

    You can also measure your YouTube performance by the number of likes and dislikes your video content receives. However, this is not an important metric to use unless the number of dislikes is significantly high and increasing. Other metrics to consider when measuring your YouTube video performance include comments and sharing. It is important to not only consider the number of comments your videos attract but to also look at whether these are positive or negative.

    Overly growing negative comments could be an indication that something needs to be done to improve the quality of your video content.  Any serious social marketer will always go through comments to determine the kind of viewer interaction and engagement his or her content is receiving.  If your subscribers and viewers are sharing your videos, then it means that not only did they watch but they also considered the content valuable or interesting enough to share with others.


    Evaluate the referral traffic

    Connecting your Google Analytics account to the YouTube channel you’re evaluating is also an important factor to consider as you do your marketing. Of course, every YouTube channel should help grow your business and measuring the referral traffic is an important metric to look at. Your YouTube channel should drive traffic to your website where those who visit can buy your goods or services. As such, always take time to evaluate the referral traffic but for you to do this, you will need to connect the YouTube channel w by signing into Google Analytics. This also allows you to assess the conversion rates you get from such referrals.

    As an online marketer, growing your business is very important. However, the only way to know whether there is growth is by taking tthe ime to evaluate your efforts to know where improvements are necessary and also what needs strengthening. Remember you can always buy YouTube subscribers as a way of boosting your campaign but even as you do so, always make sure you’re investing in a quality service provider that’ll help build a formidable social media presence.

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