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    How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTubNow

    Watching YouTube videos is quite easy. You can enjoy watching videos throughout the day on YouTube without paying a penny. Since YouTube is a free platform, it has some restrictions. One of the biggest restrictions of YouTube is that viewers can’t download YouTube videos directly through YouTube official website. Here I have particularly used the word ‘directly’ in the last statement because there are some methods through which you can download videos on your devices. I am going to introduce you a tool through which you can download YouTube videos in just a few clicks.

    Through this tool, you can not only download YouTube video, but you can also use it as a youtube converter or downloaded videos into their video and Audio formats. Let’s me give you a brief introduction of “YouTubNow Video Downloader” and have a look over its features and working.


    YouTubNow Video Downloader

    YouTubNow video downloader is among the latest video downloader tool that is available on the internet. Through this tool, you can perform lots of tasks in a go. These tasks include

    • Downloading YouTube videos
    • Convert Videos
    • Downloading Mp3 audios
    • Fastest Downloading of YouTube videos

    YouTubnow offers more features to its users apart from different tasks. YouTubNow is among the top video downloader list because it is the most reliable and appropriate option for users who need hassle-free downloading.

    Although Hundreds of video downloaders are available on the internet that offers the YouTube video downloading service most of them use cheap servers that affect the downloading speed badly. YouTubNow is completely different from such average and below average downloaders as it uses fast and secured servers. This tools mainly focus on satisfying their customers, as a result, YouTubnow is among the most downloaded YouTube video downloader in the past few months.

    Download YouTube Videos, How to Download YouTube Videos with YouTubNow


    In order to use this tool, you don’t have to get into the trouble of creating an account. You can simply install the tool on your appropriate platform and can use it directly again, a great feature of a video downloader that only YouTubnow is offering.

    Now, let’s have a look over the guide on


    How to download YouTube Video using YouTubNow

    Before entering the guide, make sure you have downloaded the YouTubNow tool on your Android Smartphone or on windows. Right Now, YouTubnow isn’t available for Mac and iOS devices. Apart from the software, you can also install the YouTubNow extension for your browsers. If you have downloaded and configured the tools then begin the steps mentioned below:

    Note: – Here I won’t be using any specific platform to download YouTube Video through YouTubNow. It is just a brief outlook of the video downloading procedure.


    Step 1:

    Go to YouTube’s official website. Find your desired YouTube video that you want to save offline. You can even download a whole playlist of videos altogether. Thus, no need to worry if you have dozens of videos in your downloading list.


    Step 2:

    Simply navigate to the address bar of your web browser and copy the YouTube video or Playlist link.


    Step 3:

    Quickly navigate to YouTubNow tool (you can use any platform). All you need to do is to paste the copied link the appropriate space given in the YouTubNow video downloader.


    Step 4:

    As soon as you will paste the link, you will find a download button somewhere besides the Box where you have pasted the link. Just click the download button and you are done. Your video downloading process had begun and now you can enjoy watching YouTube Videos offline.

    So, this was a quick and handy guide on how to download YouTube Videos on PC or mobile. If you still feel something is missing then inform me through the comment section given below and I hope your search for best YouTube video Downloader had come to an end today.

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