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    Why Should You Let Your Kids Play Online Games?

    With its growing trends and attractive user interface, Online Gaming has managed to captivate their audience, most importantly kids. Sometimes, people who play online games are so involved in it that they start showing negligence towards work or other daily activities, due to their steady interest in the progress of their game. With all this being and said, Online Gaming can have a very positive effect on children. So, it is not advisable to ban them completely from online gaming, instead restrict and limit them and provide them with a safe and sound environment to have a very enjoyable experience.

    online games, Why Should You Let Your Kids Play Online Games?


    Anything and everything ranging from Solitaires to Joker123 to PubG are Online Games. The Internet provides you with a vast variety of games spanning different genres, age groups and personal interests, just like television. But, it is important to use trusted and known websites to avoid the risk of virus or money extortion. You get to compete with a lot of known and unknown people, win games, sometimes money and also get rewards depending on their progress in the game.


    Benefits of Online Gaming:

    1. Playing games online involve not only winning games, but also various rewards in the form of money or other advantages which might be helpful for their progress in the game. The rewards that they win boost their morale and energy and motivate them to do better both in the game, and that attitude is taken upon in their life as well.
    2. By winning these games, while playing with people across the globe, it fills them with a sense of pride and accomplishment and this, in turn, boosts their confidence level which will be beneficial for them, and it will help them carry out their daily life activities with more confidence and zeal.
    3. Games which involve multi-player setting can give them an on-hands experience at planning, strategising and executing within a team. They develop leadership skills, a mind to strategise and also be able to work in a team environment. This might also give them an opportunity to conceive new ideas and strategies with consideration to different talents that each player possesses.
    4. Some games involve solving various mysteries and puzzles about a story in the background. Such games allow them to think and come up with conclusions purely based on their analytical assumptions which helps kindle brain activity, problem-solving skills and decision-making This also allows them to put things into perspective when they deal with different problems later in life.
    5. Since most of the games are played online, they get to surf the internet for different games and download them which in turn increases their literacy in technology.
    6. Sometimes, on their lookout for different games or cheat engines to win the game, there is a chance of children stumbling upon games that inflict violent or aggressive behaviour or worse games with abusive language or graphic content. To avoid such situations, parents are advised to monitor their online activities regularly and teach them to play and win the games fairly.
    7. Based on the various researches done on children who are into online games, it has been proven that their involvement in online gaming has some medical and psychological benefits Since multi-tasking and steady focus comes into play during gaming, they develop good hand-eye coordination. And, there also cases where children with dyslexia were able to overcome their disorder, due to their increased focus while games, Why Should You Let Your Kids Play Online Games?
    8. Playing and winning games fills children with joy, which in turn increases the secretion and release of happy hormones. As a result, the stress level of the children due to their strenuous academic life has decreased rapidly and has also helped improve the moods of children with constant mood swings and erratic behaviour. Children diagnosed with autism also have shown signs of development due to playing in a virtual environment.
    9. The most attractive feature of the virtual world is its interactivity and the increased possibility to develop social skills and form new relationships online with people across the globe like in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., who share their love for gaming. This also helps them to know more about other cultures.

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