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    What Is The League Of Legends Game?

    Being a gamer is very popular today because video games allow you to enter a virtual world without limits and share with people from different parts of the world. In this sense, it can be said that one of the most popular games is League of Legends. This game became a worldwide trend, where people gather to play in groups, in a pitched battle, where strength and strategy are the most important.

    So many people have played this game that it even became necessary to create different servers in strategic locations to support a large number of players that entered the platform during the day and night. The LAN server in the game League of Legends is an example of this since this server is where players from countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, among others, enter.

    The important questions are: what is this game about? How can one emerge victorious in battles? The game system is very simple since it is a team game where the aim is to destroy the central structure of the opposing team, called Nexus. These barracks are defended by turrets that must be destroyed before attempting to destroy the opposing team’s headquarters.

    league of legends game, What Is The League Of Legends Game?

    Each player has a Champion, that is, a character with special and unique abilities which has a group of fighters around to protect him. Then, each player appears on the battlefield with the lowest energy levels, but as the game progresses, these levels increase until reaching the maximum level of 18. Each level that is advanced allows the champions to access special stronger abilities which can be used against the opposing team.

    The games usually last a period of time between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the level of a fight of each player and their abilities. The fight is won when the Nexus is destroyed or when one of the teams surrenders during the game.


    Modalities of game

    League of Legends has become so popular due to the many modalities it offers its players, so they will never be bored during games. So, at present, the following modalities are offered:

    • Tutorial: this is a way in which new players can know what the game controls are, their most important characteristics and the level of the battles that can be performed.
    • Cooperative vs AI: in this modality players fight against the computer, which controls characters called bots.
    • ARAM: in this modality, two teams of five players are created, which have the purpose of destroying the nexus of the rival team. A champion selection is made randomly.
    • Custom mode: as the name indicates, players can create or customize the game forms, their main characteristics, the number of players per game, etc.

    These are the most popular game modes, although there are also other game modes that are only allowed for experienced players with accounts that have a level higher than 30. In these games the players are classified depending on how many battles they win and how fast they are can achieve this goal.

    league of legends game, What Is The League Of Legends Game?


    Types of champions

    Each player has a champion during the game, which can be chosen randomly or not, depending on the characteristics of the game being played. So, each of these characters has a unique ability, which is classified as:

    • Fighter: specialized in close combat
    • Shooter: specialized in remote attacks.
    • Magicians: cause damage from magic-related abilities.
    • Assassin: specialized in eliminating the shooter from the opposing team.
    • Tank: characterized by its strength and resistance.
    • Support and support: help your colleagues to prevent your life from ending.

    A champion is the basic element to start playing. That’s why its election must be done carefully.

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