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    What Is North America’s Favourite Mobile Game?

    According to a report published back in January, the mobile gaming industry generated nearly $10 billion from the United States and Canada during 2018. Arguably more interesting though is the information about North America’sfavouritee games.


    Deconstructing Mobile and Tablet Gaming 2019

    The report states that 60% of Americans and Canadians regularly play mobile games. This accounts for a total of 210.9 million individuals, a 5% increase from 2017. For this data, EEDAR surveyed 5,000 US and Canadian mobile gamers, all of whom qualified for the study by having a mobile gaming device and playing a game within 30 days of the survey.


    Data Breakdown

    One of the most interesting elements of the EEDAR report is the gender breakdown, as the number of female and male mobile gamers was almost the same, with 51% of mobile gamers throughout 2018 in the US and Canada being female, while 49% were male. Additionally, it was found that adults between 25 and 44, as well as those aged 45 and above, both played for an average of six hours per week. However, when it came to expenditures, those between 25 to 44 spent $37 per year, compared to those aged 45+, who spent just $22.


    Mobile Gaming: From Online Casinos to Candy Crush

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    The results for those between 25 and 44 were arguably the most interesting, as they not only spend more time and money playing mobile games, but also enjoy far more genres than other groups.

    Interestingly, one of the most popular genres was online casino titles. This industry has seen growth over the past few years, especially in Canada, where more online casinos sites and apps are becoming available every day. In fact, Canada alone has access to some of the most successful online casinos on the web, including Royal Vegas, Casumo and Sloty. So considering that the countries have such a vast array of online slots, Canada and the US loving casino games isn’t all that shocking.

    However, it wasn’t a casino game that attracted the most North American players in 2018. Instead, it was Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga that came in at first and second place, respectively. Created by mobile games developers King, both games are astonishingly popular around the world, with Candy Crush Saga having been reviewed almost 25 million times on the Google Play Store alone.

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