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    Top Reasons Why People Love To Place Bet On eSports

    Betting on eSports is gaining huge popularity in the recent times and has attracted the attention of thousands of people across the globe. This industry has a huge fan base that makes it a favorite choice of every eSports bet lover out there.


    What is Betting on eSports?

    Also known as electronic sports, eSports is a competitive style of placing bets on different kinds of sports right from international sporting events, football leagues, cricket, basketball, casino, card games, greyhound racing, harness racing, horse racing and so on. Betting on eSports is identical to placing bets on conventional sports, but the sports on sbobetasia are much advanced and interesting when compared to other sites.

    traditional esports betting


    Top Reasons Why Many Love Placing Bets On eSports

    If you were wondering why many are interested in involving in betting on eSports these days, read on the reasons mentioned below.


    1.) A Lot Of Money To Win

    The key reason for the popularity of eSports betting is that it involves a lot of money in the form of increasing revenues, which is the highest in this industry in the recent times. When it is combined with that of projected figures in the future, it makes it very exciting for the bet lovers who love betting on sports. When looking at the figures for eSports sector, the revenue generated amounted to $463 million, and this number is expected to grow up to $1.8 billion by the year 2020. It is expected that there will be more money generating through the eSports industry, which makes it a perfect choice for betters to remain as a part of it.


    2.) Audience Numbers Are Flourishing

    When looking at the number of audiences, their viewing figures, as well as participation in the betting for eSports, is growing. The Legends World Championship League is a fine example that shows the evolution of the eSports world. The league’s first tournament was held during the year 2011 and possessed a prize pool amounting to $100,000 involving 8 teams. The tournament had viewers who were more than 14.7 million at any point in time. This is a logical reason that explains why betting on eSports is climbing up the ladder at a rapid pace.


     3.) Action Packed Entertainment

    Most often, the people placing a bet on traditional sports might feel a bit detached rather than having an emotional connection with the sport. eSports, on the other hand, is different, as the players of the eSport are the representatives of the people around them. They are similar to the individuals who have high hopes of making it big in any given event. This is why the betting activity on eSports is a fun-filled task when compared to placing bets on traditional sports. The people who place bets can connect with every eSport player, as they see a bit of their quality in them.

    eSports Gaining Popularity


    4.) Unpredictable Outcomes

    Even though there are various reasons for placing bets on eSports, the prominent one among them is a high level of unpredictability. As eSports is a fresh section in the world of betting sites, the betters have a wide range of competitive odds when compared to other standard sports. The eSports sites also release newsletters and offer tips to help the individuals who are keen on placing bets on eSports to update them about which teams are in form, which team can win the title and which teams will most likely lose the match. These tips often help the betting crowd to make the right decisions while placing bets and win more with the outcomes of eSports.


    5.) Immense Choice

    There has been tremendous growth in the field of eSports, which has made several bet lovers frequent these sites and spend a lot of time as well as resources to know about the events that are being played during that time. With the competitive odds that they get for placing bets of eSports, the bet lovers have various choices to make. Plus, they can bet on an array of eSports ranging from international sporting events, football leagues, cricket, basketball, casino, card games, greyhound racing, harness racing to horse racing.

    As more and more players are relying on betting on eSports, the betting revenues are swelling every day.

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