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    Top Multiplayer Mobile Games in 2018

    Mobile gaming has progressed massively in the last few years, with better processors and graphics cards mobiles can now play games that were once reserved for dedicated mobile consoles. In addition, the cost for data plans has slowly been decreasing, meaning that several gigabytes of data are now standard in most mobile packages. With these two combined, the opportunity for multiplayer online games has increased. Gamers can now get online and play against their friends, even without the need for WIFI. We have collected some of the best mobile multiplayer games currently available in 2018.


    PUBG Mobile

    This game was released for the PC first, but now PUBG mobile is the scaled down version designed for both Android and Apple smartphones. And it plays surprisingly well. This is one of the best-looking games currently available for mobile, and there are a great range of settings that means that you can bring the graphics down if your mobile is a bit underpowered for the full game.



    While still in beta, Fortnite mobile is still an impressive game and its PC and console equivalents have taken over the world. If you aren’t aware, Fortnite is free to play (although can only be found on the Samsung store at the moment) and similar to PUBG is a battle royal style of game. You can also link your accounts if you have a console or PC account already, which allows you to get all of your skins and upgrade transferred over to the mobile version.


    Star Wars: Force Arena

    Created off the back of the new Star Wars game, this multiplayer online battle arena game lets you pick from the most popular characters in the series to lead your army to victory. You take charge of an army and use strategy and planning to allocate your resources to beat your enemy. You can choose between 1 versus 1 or 2 versus 2 gameplay, all while you commute to work or school.


    Fuzzy Critters

    This new game sets you on a mission to save your pet by navigating it to the end of a pipe and uses a combination of skill and puzzle solving for you to win. In dual mode, you face off against your opponent, with the goal to be the first one to finish. You can also take part in the Fuzzy Championship for cash prizes. The higher you rank, the bigger the reward, with up to $100 Canadian being awarded to the top tier player! You can find out more at

    These are just a selection of the games that are available for mobile that offer online multiplayer action. A few others we highly recommend you check out are Critical Ops, Guns of Boom and VainGlory.

    This type of game is only getting more popular, and with free to play games also becoming the trend we hope to see more and more people downloading them and getting involved.

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