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    Top 15 Mobile Game Development Platforms and Tools in 2019

    The mobile game development process is enhancing day by day and becoming advanced and modern. Nowadays, mobile game application demands enriched and some unique features to attract the players, the game should have an ability to increase user engagement.

    With the implementation of advanced and smart tools and technologies, a mobile game can also become the great business, As, in the contemporary era, now the mobile games can become the medium of business as there are many apps on the play store and Apple store.

    But to stay in the competition, it is essential that the iPhone and Android game development should include the latest and advanced technologies. In this blog, we have brought the latest and modern tools which are ruling 2019 app development industry.


    1) Unity

    • It is counted among one of the best game Development platforms.
    • This tool has been launched by Unity Technologies.
    • The Unity platform is based on cross-platform.
    • It supports both 2D and 3D platforms.
    • The Unity platform supports the platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Fire OS.


    2) Corona SDK – The 2D Game Engines

    • Corona SDK supports the cross-platform.
    • This language supports Lua scripting.
    • The language and coding process is very easy to learn.
    • With the help of Corona, 2D features can be implemented to it.
    • Its important features are free to use.
    • The Corona SDK tool has real-time simulation.
    • Supported Platforms: Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Apple, Android TV


    3) Unreal Engine

    • This platform is best for beginners.
    • It is based on User interference
    • The Unreal Engine doesn’t require any programming language.
    • An appealing graphic can be implemented easily via this platform.
    • Supported platforms:  Android and IOS, Windows PC, Linux
    • It allows modifying the game.


    4) AppGameKit

    • This platform can be used by everyone from beginners to experts.
    • AppGameKit uses similar coding language C++.
    • This platform is based on user-friendly.
    • It supports cross platforms.


    5)  Construct 2

    • It is on the HTML platform.
    • Construct 2 is created to develop 2D games.
    • In this, coding is not required.
    • In one attempt, it can be launch in multiple devices.
    • Supported platforms are iOS, Android, windows phone.


    6) Fusion

    • For the event-based game, this is the best choice.
    • It has easy to use interference.
    • It has a library full of graphics.
    • This designing can also use for 2D games.
    • This mobile app can be developed without coding also.


    7)  GameMaker Studio 2

    • This game has been launched by YOYO games.
    • It is used to create 2D games.
    • Supported Platforms: Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, and Tizen.


    8) CocoonJS

    • With HTML5, you can complete the CocoonJS process.
    • CocoonJS is 100% compatible
    • The cocoon has amazing features and plugins, it has numerous plugins which fulfil all your requirements.
    • Supported Platforms: Android, Amazon, Amazon AppStore Plugin, Nook Plugin


    9) MonoGame

    • It supports the multi-platform game engine.
    • MonoGame supports class architecture.
    • This works with the languages which include- Net and C.
    • There are many tutorials which can help in creating the websites.


    10) Amazon Lumberyard

    • This has been launched by the famous brand Amazon.
    • With this, you can utilize free tools and develop the game.
    • It helps to engage your users with visual content.
    • It supports the platform: IOS, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4


    11) Cocos2D-x

    • It is a package of game development tools.
    • The Coco 2D-X has been launched by Facebook.
    • It allows you to create very small size games.
    • The Cocos 2D-x game comes with detailed documentation.


    12) Haxe

    • Java, C++, PHP or AS3 languages combine to form a blend of Haxe programming language
    • It offers you a library which helps you to choose the framework.
    • Haxe helps you to choose a wide range of functions.


    13) Gideros

    The Gideros is a free and open source platform.

    The amazing games can be developed by this.

    It supports different platform

    Hence, it uses the same scripting language


    14) Marmalade

    • It supports native mobile applications.
    • C++ language is used in the game development process.
    • 2D and 3D both games can be developed via this platform.
    • It enabled to create both web and mobile app games.


    15) Buildbox

    • You can develop your own small games.
    • With a build box, you can develop the games in an easier way.
    • In this game, you don’t have to follow with various processes including select images, import etc.



    In this blog, we have mentioned the top tools and platforms for the game development process. To develop the high functional and enrich the featured game, even to mobile game app development company are also using these tools for better outcomes. These tools are the choice of top developers.

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