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    Gaming Trends to Look Forward in 2019

    It’s notoriously difficult to predict what the next big thing will be for any industry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look towards a variety of possibilities and outcomes in an attempt to forecast where they may head. When it comes to the online casino industry, innovation and excitement lie at its heart. So, what exactly could be in store for casino gamers over the next few years? What impact will these innovations have on free mobile slot games  and other fan favourites? Here we’ll take a look at some hot new trends which are predicted to pop up in the online casino gaming sphere from this year onwards.


    Virtual reality

    One major technological advancement in the gaming world which could be set to make its way over into the online casino realm is virtual reality. The immersive dimension of many online slot machines is what keeps players entertained, so just imagine if this was propelled to an entirely new level using the latest VR headsets or augmented reality accessories. Could virtual reality be the next step in upping the enjoyment factor of online casino games? Will gamers enjoy sitting in a virtual casino alongside their friends? It appears not only to have the potential to take the gaming experience to an unbelievably immersive level but to increase player to player interaction through more sociable gaming formats.


    Going mobile

    The shift from the popularity of desktop to mobile gaming is only set to continue as the years go on. In the U.S. alone, the mobile gaming population is expected to reach 209.5 million this year. This figure is then expected to increase enormously hitting a huge 213 million by 2020. With gamers now expecting to be able to play at their convenience and demanding the mobility to play where and when they want to, we’re likely to see online casinos advancing their mobile and app gaming platforms dramatically.


    Innovative security

    With technological advancements in the mobile sphere taking place faster than many of us can keep up with, it’s no surprise that online security is also set to improve over the course of the next few years, Look out for the latest developments in voice and fingerprint recognition to access your favourite casino apps. These will not only make playing safer but help to give fans even easier and instantaneous access to all the great mobile slot games on offer.


    Even more excitement

    Like with any kind of game, one of the main tasks for developers is to continue coming up with innovative and exciting titles. What’s more, as gaming demographics are constantly changing the challenge of appealing to new, as well as returning audiences, has also recently arisen. That’s why you should look out for the use of even more innovative and creative techniques in online casino gameplay going forward. Think immersive characters, novel storylines, previously unseen modes of play and original, attention-grabbing soundtracks.

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