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    Best Nintendo Games you would Want to Play Again

    Over the last twenty years, the video game industry has changed a great deal. Cool graphics, flawless sound, realistic characters, and well-thought-out storylines…  Modern players, which cannot imagine their life without sophisticated MMORPG and Android games, seem to have totally forgotten about retro console games. Still, true classics are immortal. So are Nintendo cult console games. Therefore, we often find ourselves nostalgically looking back on the good old days when we helped Mario and Donald Duck fulfill their missions, when we swapped cartridges with our pals, and spend sleepless nights in front on the screen, mesmerized and excited, with a dream joystick in hands.

    If you are not one of those happy owners of Nintendo system, you are free to avail yourself of emulators, the programs that make it possible to play retro games even without a physical console. Suffice it to download a nice emulator and get N32 or N64 ROMs, and you can start enjoying classic games.

    In case you have forgotten about the pleasures of playing some particular NES games, we have prepared a short list of the most popular NES classics. Go on reading to revive your childhood game experience and decide what NES ROMs you would want to download to quench the nostalgic thirst.

    Metal Gear

    Yep, babe, we are talking Metal Gear here! Not those extravagant sequels of recent years that astound us with special effects and mind-blowing graphics. It is the first game that tells us about the first adventure of Solid Snake, a fearless superhero. If you miss hardcore gameplay, then this original version is just for you. There is no cool weapon and ammunition at your disposal. All you have is good old on-site procurement stuff. But it is so great to learn how it all began, isn’t it? It will be so exciting to see what parts of the Metal Gear serious have survived the measure of malicious time and what have been transformed to meet the needs of demanding representatives of the information society.

    So, go ahead! Help the character infiltrate the enemy camp and overcome all the difficulties on his way to success.

    Super Mario Kart

    Of course, Mario can be rightly considered a gem in Nintendo’s game treasury. But now we want to remind you of Super Mario Kart, the first in the series of Mario Kart launched in 1992. If you are a fan of go-kart races, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of downloading a Mario Kart 64 ROM. Just imagine yourself driving in a retro racing car, driving on those cool item boxes scattered all around the track and taking advantage of useful things capable of boosting your progress. Oh, how lovely those red mushrooms look! They can boost your speed. And those turtle shells and banana peels? Yep, it is so much fun throwing those things at your opponents, thus preventing them from winning the victory. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to download Super Mario Kart game ROMs to meet lots of old friends from your favorite Mario franchise!


    best nintendo games, Best Nintendo Games you would Want to Play Again

    DuckTales. Woo-oo! Of course, our list of NES cult retro games would be incomplete without his game. There were hordes of fans of the eponymous TV-series that eagerly started to play this Capcom creation in 1989. If you are tired of mega-cool brutal guys capable of saving the whole world in an hour, then, Mr. Scrooge is there to help you. And you, in turn, will help him to travel the world and search for treasures (he must dive into something, after all). This nonlinear game will plunge you into the atmosphere of old-school adventure, childish carelessness, and fun. Lots of fun! Though you may find controls a little bit hard, we are sure that you will manage to complete Scrooge’s mission with maximum pleasure in DuckTales.

    Now, when we have refreshed your memories of NES greatest games, you may want to download an emulator and NES ROMs right now! So, enjoy your gameplay!

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