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    Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Online Gaming?

    In today’s world, new technological innovations are taking place every day and almost all industry benefits from the advancement of technology. One such technological innovation that has hugely impacted the market is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

    AI has taken the mass market by storm and many industries are benefitting from it hugely. One such industry is the online gaming industry that has highly benefitted from the use of Artificial Intelligence.

    The online gaming industry is a billion dollar industry in the present day and a large part of its growth can be credited to Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we will discuss in detail about how Artificial Intelligence can be the future of online gaming.

    Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Effects Online Gaming

    1. Improves Gaming Experience and Gameplay

    High Quality Gaming Experience

    Nowadays most of the games that we play are online games and they are a success because they are very convenient and are able to offer some high-quality gaming experience. Putting AI to work, gaming nowadays achieves the realism required to make the game a success.

    AI also include the use of NPCs or Non-playing characters in games. To give it a more realistic touch. NPCs are the characters that the human isn’t controlling. The Artificial Intelligence in this section has dramatically improved over time, making games more challenging and more realistic.

    2. Multiplayer Gaming

    In the earlier times, most of the games that we used to play were single player oriented. But with the advent of online games, multiplayer gameplay has taken a whole new dimension, thanks to AI technology.

    You can now play games with your friends as well as other gamers from all around the world with the multiplayer gameplay feature, thereby enhancing the gaming experience.

    3. Online Gambling

    Online gambling is very popular in the consumer world in the present day. There are many gambling sites like that uses Artificial Intelligence to its benefits. In the online gambling industry, data analysis plays a very crucial part. Since this gaming industry is hugely dependent on statistical probability, it is important to collect and analyze the data so that the developers are always informed about the requirements of their clients.

    An AI software can very well assess the habits of the consumers and thus predict what will be interesting to these consumers in the future.

    AI also helps in creating realistic odds in the online gambling games by analyzing the collected data which in turn benefits the gambling industry.

    4. Socially Interactive

    Artificial Intelligence has made online games more socially interactive. There are chatbots incorporated in many online games, which allow us to connect with other players around the globe, within the game.

    This type of social interaction lets us connect with fellow gamers from around the world and thus increases our social interaction capabilities, as we connect with new people every day over the online gaming platform.

    5. AI for Online Game Development

    While console games don’t allow the updating of games but online games are regularly updated with a new feature being added over time. This is also possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

    AI is used in a way that user data through playing is collected and interpreted for future improvements in the games.

    In nowadays we often see that the games are provided with updates and new useful content, continuously added at regular intervals rather than just the game staying as it was on release.

    AI plays a role here, as the data collected gives the developers feedback on what players are enjoying, not enjoying and what needs to be fixed. It leads to a better gaming experience and a successful game.

    Final Words

    Artificial Intelligence is a key factor in development when it comes to online games. The gameplay and player controls are given a whole new dimension with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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