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    6 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

    There is a number of people who love to play games. So the question which comes in mind is, can we make money by playing video games? And the answer is that YES we can! 

    Do some people say that work and play are two different things? But in today’s time, playing video games to make a good amount of money has become a dream job for teenagers. Thousands of people who make a good amount of income as they put their passion for playing video games in the source of earning. This all possible due to advancements in technology, which turn out the hobby in a professional source of earning? With these technological advancements, there are several ways through which people can make a good amount of money. To review the game properly you should consist of some essential things like a good gaming mouse, an advanced PC with a good graphics card, etc.

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    Here we listed out six most common and interesting ways of making money while playing video games-:

    1. Become a Beta Tester

    Whenever a new game is launched into the market, it firstly goes through the beta version. Beta version is the stage where new games are tested. And this beta version tester job turns out to be an interesting way of earning some money because, along with earning money here, you enjoy the game. But you should be aware that in the beta version, you won’t be playing popular video games. There will be games which yet to come in the market and with good gaming mouse you can review the game properly. And the developers of the game are looking to get their games tested from the real users so that they can bring those games into the market.

    The job of the beta game tester is to identify issues that are present in-game and identify the ways for improving it before its launch in the market. It might be possible that you might find some interesting games and some games which are having serious glitches. But you should remember one thing this job isn’t that easy as you think, but it is considered a good source of earning.

    2. Make Money Playing Video Games Tournaments

    Various Video games mostly create communities, and those communities could be quite competitive and active. These active communities lead to conduct various tournaments, which will help you to win cash prizes if you top the leader board. This is not considered as a steady source of income, but if you have the determination to be part of the ongoing tournaments, there are lots of prizes that can be won.

    3. Become a Twitch Streamer

    Twitch is considered one of the streaming platforms, which is a subsidiary of Amazon. In Twitch streamer, you can easily earn money with the support from your subscribers. Most of the streams consist up of video games, either its games like Chess or any other games which are played online such as ludo, but this can be a good source of income from your subscribers.

    If you are having a good subscriber and generated several views, in that case, you can also get sponsorships and giveaway chances. Some top Twitch streamers perform this activity full-time, and they are getting a good source of income opportunities also. 

    4. Farming Gaming Currency and Account

    Farming gold is another way of earning money while playing video games. This is considered as the practice of obtaining in-game currency, and later on, you can sell it for real money. This concept is extremely famous in Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games such as World of Warcraft, and this concept has recently taken into mobile games like PubG, Ragnarok M, and many more.

    In all these games, you have to create a character, and with that character, you should play more games. Because more you play, more you will be able to get the hidden treasures and advanced equipment, and all these are quite important to enhance up your character level. If you have advanced and experienced character, people will pay more to purchase that particular character. There are cases in which these high-level characters are sold for $1000.

    5. Work in Customer Service

    This way is for those who are quite experienced in playing games.  As you have good experience in playing the number of video games, you might be competent to utilize those skills. In this way, you can easily help other people who love to play games and could make a good amount of money while doing so. So consider working as the customer service provider for the companies which provide video games.

    There are companies that these positions by contacting the developers of the video games. Apart from this, they also provide work from home options. 

    6. Review Video Games

    This is the other sector where you can earn a good amount of money while playing video games. To become a good reviewer, you should have experience in playing different kinds of video games. By having interest and experience, you can recommend the people which game is perfect and which is not. To become a good reviewer, you can set up your own YouTube channel or your blog so that people can easily watch/read your review before making any kind of final decision.

    If you are having a good number of viewers on your page. People who are having trust in your review will lead to generating a good source of income. So by becoming a good reviewer, revenue is not a limited one as you can review the number of games and have a good source of income.

    Final Words

    Well, here we come to the end of this article. To earn money by playing video games is not an easy task, and it’s quite hard to get enter into this industry. But by doing a lot of hard work and having a little bit of luck and help you and you will be there.

    Various other ways are available to earn money online through playing video games. But at the same time, the markets are filled up with cheaters and find a genuine company is hard work and patience job. Thus, we would like to suggest that we keep this as a second source of income instead of going full time with it. 

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