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    Top 5 Best PS4 Games In 2019

    We all love gaming. We all love playing video games. Gaming is something natural, infused in the veins of every gamer seeking the best gaming experience. Gaming takes you to a whole new world, a different world. The world we only see in movies and cinemas. What better way to spend your free time than to explore this different world? You definitely remember when Sony officially announced the release of PlayStation 4. The thrill, joy and excitement gamers felt knew no bounds. People went wild. It was more of transforming the future of gaming with something positively magical. The PlayStation 4 is probably Sony’s undisputedly greatest achievement ever. To enjoy this, you need to stuff your library with some of the best PS4 games. Well without further ado, let’s look at the 5 best PS4 games 2019.


    Devil May Cry 5

    Do you love action? Do you love adventure? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you’ve got the right game to engage with at your free time The game is Devil May Cry 5. Five years down the line since the release of its prequel, the game has hit the lines as one of the best PS4 games in 2019.

    The game offers you playable persons in Nero and Dante. Unlike the previous series, it comes with a whole new character that goes by the name V. as you play the game; you get to enjoy the thrilling role of fighting off demons and dark forces with a wide range of weapons. One of your aims in the game is to get a high combat rating that is given based on how you make your moves and dodge attacks. To add on that you also get a new taste of music as you keep advancing in combat. This new gaming landscape, coupled with nice graphics offers you real gaming experience. This game is definitely worth a shot.


    Metro Exodus

    Metro Exodus is without any qualm one of the best PS4 games 2019. Its timeline revolves around a post-apocalyptic era when the earth has been destroyed by a nuclear war. Playing this game is absolutely thrilling. It’s a shooter kind of game that gives any gamer a real challenge. The challenge is to deal with all sorts of dangers while fighting mutants. Guess what? Some of these mutants actually look like the aliens we see in geographical documentaries. Interesting, isn’t it? Besides the mutants, you also need to deal with hostile people.

    While accomplishing your course in this engaging game, you obtain weapons that can be customized and refined as you advance. You will definitely love the environmental changes with seasons, the diurnal-nocturnal cycle and changes in weather during the game. In short, the game gives you real-life experience. This gorgeous game runs through a course of one year (in the game). A nice game indeed! Why not give it a shot?


    Apex Legends

    This battle game was released on early February 2019. It’s definitely one of the best games in 2019. For lovers of active shooter games with thrilling experiences and something to fight for, this is the game. The game involves players in an island, fighting one another in small organized squads. You get the chance to control where your squad lands. During the course of the battle, you and the rest of your squad must ensure you obtain lots of weapons and essential resources.

    These will boost the chances of your squad winning the battle. As you keep advancing, the playing environment keeps shrinking until there is only one squad, thus the battle comes to an inevitable end. This beautiful game is almost similar to Fortnight Battle Royale that was released in 2018. Amazing, isn’t it?


    Dead Cells

    Dead Cell is a triumph of amazingly elegant game design. While playing this beautiful game, you will assume the role of a prisoner, reanimated to manoeuvre through several levels. The levels are gorgeously detailed to be as eye-catching as the graphics the game boasts. At some point, you will be killed. However, there is no room for regrets as you will have gained lessons and experiences to help you advance a little further the next time.

    The ever-changing layouts and enemy placement in the game is its core. Such is what you as a gamer will be thrilled with Every run is different on its own but is consistently tense and surprising. During the runs, you will obtain cash, blueprints and unlock other items for future use The game possesses a staggering array of game-changing gadgets and weapons. These, coupled with the sleek motion, make the game utterly engaging and captivating. The game is meant to be played and replayed as many times as possible, as it’s one of the best games in 2019.



    This captivating game was released on early June 2018, the masterminds behind it being the Codemasters. It’s a racing and combat game that offers you the opportunity to race and defeat your opponents. What is more thrilling is the fact that apart from vehicles, you can also use motorcycles and buggies. The hilly terrain knows few bounds in making the game even more captivating. As you defeat your rivals in combat; you get rewarded with boosts that give you an upper hand. One example is a boost mechanic that enables you to increase your vehicle’s speed.

    Apart from defeating rivals, you also get a boost by performing stunts. This elegant game has different modes each with a set of goals to accomplish. However, none of them involves being the first to get to the finishing line. Some of them involve countdowns at a particular checkpoint with a timer that drains until you succeed in passing the checkpoint before it gets to zero. The elegant game has been bestowed with nice graphics to give you real gaming experience. One of the best indeed!

    To conclude, the PS4 games discussed above are some of the best. Feel free to explore them. There are other great PS4 games I haven’t discussed which include Assassins Creed Odyssey, FIFA 19, Battlefield 1 and Bloodborne among others.

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