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    Ten Biggest Turnoffs for Girls on a Dating Site

    You might wonder what you may have been doing wrong to be persistently turned down for a longer time. Or, perhaps you’re new to the science of attraction on a dating website.

    Whichever the case may be, it isn’t rocket science, and nor does it require some abracadabra to turn on the girl you desire even on the best dating website with millions of guys competing for her attention.

    All that is required of you is to get cognizance of the biggest turnoffs for girls on a dating website and then use that knowledge to your own advantage.

    So, here is all you need to know about turn-offs for girls on a dating site:

    1. Anonymous Profile Picture

    Although men have been categorized as visual creatures, nonetheless, every girl would still love to get a glimpse of what the man who says hello to her on a dating website looks like. So, you’d agree, the worst turnoff at first glance would be an anonymous profile picture.

    With your face boldly showcased on your profile, you’re only nine steps away from getting the green light.

    So, go get one! Or even better, if you want to show girls what a great catch you are, you could try video chat sites, such as Chatki, where you can show off your amazing personality and work your charm instantly.

    2. An Annoying Bio

    A biography is a summary of who you are. Little wonder, the repulsiveness of a vague bio such as the undermentioned exudes;

    “I am me” or “slide into my inbox to get to know me better.”

    Both of the aforementioned bios are blank and are equally lazy. Instead, come up with a creative one.

    Creativity never fails. So, try it!

    3. A Group Profile Picture

    A huge turn off for girls on a dating site mistaking is a group profile picture because it’s always hard to spot the one who owns the profile.

    So, to be on the safer side, get a personal picture of you with decent quality. One decent enough to accentuate your facial features.

    Do away with the glasses and face cap because all of that reeks disguise strategy of a married man or a man with deflated self-esteem.

    4. Overtly Sexy Profile Picture

    A profile picture should speak well of the image it carries. You need not be clad in a suit and a tie to do just that. However, showing off your abs isn’t a great way of achieving that either since such vainglory smells trouble from afar.

    It is a dating site with girls looking forward to meeting serious-minded dudes. So, give it your best shot with your clothes on.

    5. Cheesy Pick Up Line on Your First Conversation

    A good conversationist would know better than to use cheesy pick up lines from a popular movie.

    So, be original. Strike a conversation with a greeting. Then, move on to complimenting her in the sincerest manner with a reason why you’re attracted to her. Such originality would earn you a good point.

    6. Guys Who Don’t Read Profiles

    A guy looking forward to meeting a good date would first go through the bio of the girl who catches his eyes. Ideally, that gives him an idea of whom he is interested in.

    Getting to understand her from her profile helps you to strike a good conversation in the long run. So, read her profile first in order to judge your compatibility.

    7. Asking for a Tryst After a Little Conversation

    Girls don’t just get turned off judging from the profile pictures, and the poor bios they come across on a dating site. They also do from an off-putting conversation.

    Do not be in a rush to get to meet her no matter how out of this world she might seem. Do not ask for a trust until she’s sure you are not a psycho with a history of violence. Be patient enough to earn her trust.

    8. When a Guy Reeks Desperation

    Conversations could tell how much of a desperado a guy in a quest for a date may be especially when it goes lopsided.

    Here’s an example of a lop-sided conversation a desperate guy would keep;

    Guy: hi


    Guy: hello


    Guy: are you there?


    When it comes to that, then, it’s the perfect time to move on as your patience is no longer a virtue. Do well to roll with those who want to roll with you too.

    Still keeping in touch would only earn you more disdain.

    9. Unwanted Flirtation

    Sexual interests must be kept on a low key especially on a site without the purpose for hookups. Unless it has been proven that the feeling is mutual, a girl is easily upset and turned off when she keeps getting unwanted flirtation from any guy.

    It’s a sure way of earning her contempt which, of course, isn’t your goal. So, do away with such condescending acts.

    10. Inconsistent Conversation

    A good conversation should be elaborate and consistent over time. It is easier to achieve especially when you’ve gone through her bio.

    Most girls would do away with the guy who doesn’t make them feel like they’re actually wanted.

    So, build the vibe with a consistent and meaningful conversation. In fact, keep a specific time with her and stick to it. This will gain you her time and her interest.

    Surely, you now know all it takes for a girl to be turned off on a dating website so, put into practice all that you’ve learned in order to win her over. I’m sure she’ll be yours in a matter of time.

    Good luck to you, man!

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