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    The Best Spy-Fi Movies of All Time

    Do you feel spies are well-dressed versions of superheroes? All they do is stop the villains and save the world ceaselessly. No wonder spy-fi is one of the most popular genres worldwide. Nothing compares with an incredible movie based on clandestine services. We all marvel at the intelligence, superhuman feats, agility, insanely advanced gadgets, and incredible automobiles. Although it is spy-fi, which implies a combo of spying and science fiction, people become so fascinated that they actually begin to think how to become a CIA agent. This makes the impact of these movies pretty clear.

    A mind-boggling storyline, classic whodunits, cool-cat tricks and the unexpected occasional twists in the ending scenes are the staples of any spy-fi movie. This particular genre matured during the period of World War II. It reached its zenith during the cold war. A perfect mixture of adrenaline and fear creates the best spy-fi movie. Below are some of the most proficient spy movies in their own clever ways. If you are looking for a list of some incredible spy-fi movies, we are going to provide you with one.

    Explore the amazing art of spy-craft!

    The Bourne Identity (2002)

    The series is based loosely on Robert Ludlum’s tale of an amnesiac spy. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Doug Liman literally raised the bar of what an actual spy-fi movie be like. The Bourne Identity changed the entire spy-fi genre and gave it a new meaning. The narrow escapes, brutal combats, and rain-soaked, gritty locations in the movie became an inspiration for others to follow. The protagonist manages to frustrate one of the most active and advanced spy networks single-handedly. Matt Damon came to the limelight as a fully-fledged action hero. After The Bourne Identity, four more parts were made and they all became incredibly popular.

    Face/Off (1997)

    Starring the legends Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, Face/Off is definitely an incredible spy-fi movie. In case you haven’t seen it already, you must see it now. John Travolta appears as a special agent who infiltrates a terrorist group. He impersonates Nicholas Cage after a bizarre operation. A face transplant. And Nicholas Cage impersonates as Travolta with a similar transplant which makes this movie a little goofy. But yes, it was 1997. The acting skills of the legends make it a good watch.

    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

    Mission Impossible has always been an intriguing series. Brad Bird directed the fourth part Ghost Protocol with some crazy toys and IMAX action.

    directed the fourth outing in the Ethan Hunt saga, with huge IMAX action and crazier toys. Like the rest of Ethan Hunt movies, the movie is full of gadgets. Some instances are climbing gloves with some impressive grip, holographic windshields, document-copying contacts, and so on. This particular part is the most fun and action-packed one. The IMAX filming has introduced some amazing visuals in the movie.

    Taken (2008)

    Liam Neeson is one great actor and Taken is perhaps the best proof of it. The all-rounder ex-CIA agent seems like such a badass but is he is a true family man at heart. When his daughter goes missing on one of her vacations with her friend, he becomes truly lethal. He unleashes his particular skills and the tourist-nabbing guys had no idea what struck them. He literally went to every extent to free his daughter and we simply love the action meanwhile!

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

    If you are looking for plenty of melodrama, you will find it in this modern classic, John le Carre adaptation. Although Colin Firth’s moody looks and recurrent hair tossing is kind of weird. The plot is based during the time of Cold War when everyone was considered a suspicious Soviet spy. The movie has some highly tense scenes where some people may think that quiet agent hunting at MI6 is way better!

    James Bond

    Isn’t James Bond the king of all spies? And did you know it’s the biggest and most successful spy franchise in history? So, this recommendation shouldn’t surprise you! The series has been the most-watched spy-fi thrillers of all time, entertaining the audience for more than 50 years. Who was the best James Bond is yet another debate! James Bond has become a symbol of a true spy. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it defines this genre. So much so that whenever you think or crack a joke about a spy, the first word someone utters is Bond, James Bond!

    Are you already thinking about how to become a detective? Well, it doesn’t seem to be bad at all. At least in these movies!

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