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    How to Watch VR Using Your Smartphone?

    Virtual Reality also is known as VR is gaining mass popularity from every part since this technology came into the market. It’s mainly a gadget work on the lens to give a user a feeling of being inside the new world of unrealistic reality.

    Most of you are thinking that you need to have the expensive VR headset first to experience virtual reality, your smartphone can be much for you to get on a whole new world virtual reality with a realistic experience. As the smartphone companies are focusing on the upcoming technology now, they are making VR compatible mobile phones so, the users could easily watch VR (Virtual Reality) using their own smartphones anywhere.

    There are many ways to watch VR using your smartphone like Google has a platform where you can open your smartphone into a VR viewer called Google Cardboard. This app is focused mostly on the gaming experience but also enables VR (Virtual reality) videos which are lightly engaged.

    You can also get a VR headset for your smartphone to watch VR using your smartphone. You can check the review on TechFuturae for selecting the best VR headset because only the best VR headset for your smartphone will give you the real feel.


    Using Google Cardboard for Watching VR with your Smartphone


    Once you have a VR supporting smartphone, you only need a VR headset. You can also make it at home with cardboard and lens by watching online tutorials.

    But you should simply go for the google cardboard compatible VR headset and buy it from any store.

    After purchasing google cardboard compatible VR you need to download google cardboard app from the play store. This app enables you to try some pre-installed games and watch videos of a different genre. Most of them are free while some are paid.

    Google cardboard app actually allows you to adjust your smartphones VR display to the cardboard.

    Before starting with the setup of google cardboard VR headset for watching VR with your smartphone, you need to check a few things:

    • To check the compatibility of your smartphone with a VR headset.
    • Size and the fittings of your smartphone with that VR headset.
    • Lens focus should be adjusted with your clear vision.

    Steps to set Google Cardboard with your Smartphone

    The google cardboard let you experience fun and the virtual reality inside the unrealistic world of reality. Through the google cardboard and YouTube app, the VR videos are easier to find and watch.

    Below are some steps to watch VR videos on your smartphone. Follow them:

    Note:- if you want to cardboard for your IOS device then be sure to have IOS 9 or above.

    Step1: Buy google cardboard or any other VR headset from any store and then assemble it as written in the guide.

    Step2: In your smartphone simply go to the YouTube app and open it.

    Step3: Then search for VR videos among different channels.

    Step4: Choose the best video you want to play on the channel and start playback.

    Step5: Then you have to tap on the cardboard icon to split the screen into two.

    Step6: Insert your smartphone into the google cardboard.

    Step7: Watch and enjoy your virtual reality video inside a whole new world of experience.


    Final words

    In this article, we’ve told you about how to watch VR using your smartphone and also how to set up the headset for your smartphone.

    Finally, I would say that google cardboard is much better than any other headset. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article.

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