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    How to Choose the Right Portable PA Speakers for a Party

    DJs are always in high demand, and sometimes you might be required to perform multiple sets in one day. To do this efficiently, you need portable DJing equipment that you can easily move from one location to another. One such piece of equipment is the portable PA speaker. It’s easy to carry around, and it’s perfect when juggling between sets. But with so many portable PA speakers in the market, how do you choose a good one, one that gives you value for your money? Well, it takes a little bit of skill to choose one. To help you get the best, here’s how to choose the right portable PA speakers for a party.


    1. Make Use of Credible Online Reviews

    While there are lots of low-quality reviews online, there are some pretty good ones out there. For instance, best DJ stuff is one of the best reviews for DJing equipment. They are experts in all things DJing. As such, any products rated highly on this review are likely to give you value for money. Their reviews are based on technical knowledge of DJing equipment as well as customer feedback. By using their reviews, you are sure to choose the right portable speakers for a party and drive up your ratings in the market.


    1. Check Out the Sound Quality

    There is more to portable PA speakers than portability. The sound quality needs to be top notch too.  Go for a portable speaker that gives you good sound quality. That’s because, if the sound quality is poor, you won’t be performing on many sets with it. People will get bored, and you will start losing gigs.  As such, when shopping for one, make sure to test out the sound quality. You would rather pay more for such a speaker than take a low cost one, only to lose business due to its poor quality.


    1. Check Out the Design

    The design of a portable PA speaker is as important as all of its other attributes. That’s because the design plays into a speaker’s portability. For instance, a PA speaker with a suitcase-like handle is perfect for moving in between sets across different cities by plane. On the other hand, a more compact design would be perfect for a DJ who is driving around a city, hopping from one party to the next. For best results, make sure to go for a design that is most practical to your needs.


    1. Check Its Additional Features

    Choosing the right portable PA speaker isn’t just about the aspect of portability, sound, and design. There are other features to look out for too. For instance, you can check out the PA speaker’s weight. An unnecessarily heavy portable PA speaker may not be practical for moving in between gigs. Other features to look out for include the PA speaker’s power consumption and its tolerance to the elements. If the speaker consumes too much power, it might pose problems with the venue owners, who might see it as an unnecessary cost. Similarly, a speaker that is waterproof would give you versatility in your performances, as opposed to being restricted to the indoor environment.

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