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    3 Luxury Technologies that Will Take Your Health to the Next Level

    The happiest and healthiest people tend to be relaxed. Recent medical studies indicate that stress and the body’s response to it are harmful and can decrease happiness while leading to increased anxiety and depression. Stress is also hard on the body physically and can lead to increased health problems and chronic pain.

    Thus, the happiest people are able in one way or another to relieve the tension they carry from stressful work environments, financial concerns or other difficulties. Some brands have developed products to encourage such a healthy lifestyle, recognizing that consistent access to ways to ease pain and relieve tension will improve people’s health and contribute to overall happiness.


    Daiwa Massage Chair

    daiwa massage chair


    The Daiwa Legacy 3D Massage Chair is a product developed by Daiwa massage chair brand. In terms of staying healthy and happy, a massage chair can help decrease stress hormones by relieving tension in the body.

    Research suggests that stress can lead to many chronic health problems, and a massage chair combats stress in a few ways. For example, it allows full body massage that is pain-free and requires no appointment. This is important because massage therapists can sometimes have difficulty fitting in an appointment on short notice while a massage chair is always available.

    Les look at key features of the Daiwa zero gravity shiatsu recliner. First, it is adjustable in both the shoulder and leg to accommodate for different heights. Taller people will benefit the most from this adjustability. Second, the chair offers four ball massage zones and over 40 airbags for a full body massage from head to foot. The benefits of having simultaneous full body massage primarily consist of faster relaxation as the airbags knead the stress away in every part of the body. This faster relaxation soothes areas of the body that typically hold tension. The Daiwa Massage Chair also offers three heating zones to help ease the strain in the calves, back and forearm areas.

    Heat combined with massage is practiced by physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to ease pain and encourage further relaxation. Its small size and design-friendly look make this an excellent choice for use in any living space. Remember, a massage chair offers any-time, heated, full-body massage to help reduce strain, tension, and pain. This leaves users feeling happier and benefiting from improved long-term health.


    Altwork Desk



    Made by a team of experienced engineers and technology professionals, the Altwork Station addresses several key complaints of the modern office worker. First, the traditional office set-up of desks, tables, and chairs are problematic in that they require users to stay seated at work.

    Research shows that the average American sits for 6-8 hours a day and that prolonged sitting leads to increased risk of health problems like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, and depression. Second, in response to such research, many office workers adapted their workspaces to standing desks.

    However, standing all day can lead to back, neck, hip and knee pain that inhibits movement and can lead to additional health problems. Finally, the typical office worker reports that neither sitting nor standing positions represent the most favorable position for focus and relaxation. Think about it! When curling up with a good book or relaxing, people typically seek a reclining position to ease the strain on the neck and back. This is where the Altwork Station comes in. It easily allows users to change positions from seated to standing to recline.

    Since research suggests it is best to move around throughout the day, changing positions as needed, the Altwork Station allows people to follow their body’s lead. This can help to increase focus, comfort, and relaxation throughout the workday. In turn, these daily benefits will lead to a healthier, happier life as users experience less pain and anxiety and a decreased risk for serious health problems.


    Infrared Saunas



    Similar to the health benefits offered by the massage chair and mobile workstation, infrared saunas encourage comfort and relaxation. They can help reduce pain, stress, and anxiety. Infrared saunas also offer added benefits of weight loss as users sweat away excess water weight as well as skin purification from the same process.

    Saunas are a time-tested way to improve relaxation and relieve tension, and users report feeling rejuvenated and at ease after spending time in one. JNH Lifestyles brand does a good job developing infrared saunas for at-home use. Their 2-Person Far Infrared Sauna has seven carbon fiber heaters and is certified as using only chemical-free wood, so users can use the sauna without worrying about what chemicals they might be absorbing. Users report being able to relax at a comfortable heat level, leaving their sauna happier and healthier than when they got in.

    Clearly, these products and brands are aimed at improving a person’s quality of life. All three products work at limiting and relieving pain. They also benefit users by improving relaxation, relieving tension and removing stress, which allows for a healthier body and a happier state of mind.

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