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    Best Courses For Learning Python Online

    Are you passionate about learning Python, but you don’t know where to start? Since it has become popular recently, your skills and knowledge are important for your career in IT development. Do you want to discover what are the best Python online courses?

    Python For Everybody

    If you’re a complete beginner in programming, this Coursera course created by the University of Michigan is definitely for you! It contains a 7-day trial with 128 practice hours, and the price for this program is just $49 per month. First, you’ll get a general impression of Python and its features, but then you’ll move on to practical skills: extracting data from the web and dealing with databases. Python For Everybody is a good introductory course for those curious to learn more about database management and its operations.


    It’s an online portal that includes various online courses in programming from beginning to intermediate levels. DataCamp proposes learning tutorials in R and Python languages. When you’ve just started to learn to program, these resources give nine courses for free, and after that, you should pay $25 per month. The main advantage of this resource is that you can learn how to use data analytics, programming, and data science. With DataCamp, you’ll improve your Python skills, using interactive features on a website like videos and exercises. Apart from that, you’ll learn about statistical libraries like NumPy and Pandas and how you can visualize your data. If you’re seeking to brush up your skills and knowledge about Python, DataCamp is the best option for you! To gain more insights into the platform, you might want to read a datacamp review.

    Complete Python Bootcamp

    Complete Python Bootcamp is the most popular online course that you’ll discover on Udemy, a digital educational platform. Have you ever heard that over 250,000 are enrolled on this course? If you haven’t, it seems that this number speaks for its quality. Complete Python Bootcamp focuses on Python 3 programming language. You also need to download it on your computer and start learning it online through videos where an instructor will explain to you how the code works. The course includes practical exercises, notes, quizzes, and assignments. This course is cheap as well, and you only spend $10.99 on it.

    Free online Python courses

    Are you curious to buy a permanent single course to learn Python online for free? Here is a list of them for you:

    Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

    You can find this course on such online educational platforms as edX and MIT. And what’s more important is that you can learn the basics of Python for free! If you want to know more about computer science, a course will guide you around data science technique that is useful for every computer programmer. Every class has 15 hours per week during a nine-week general course. Also, you’ll have interactive video lessons, tests, and a final project that you should complete after finishing the course. If you want to obtain a certificate, you need to pay $49.

    Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

    If you’re eager to learn how to build websites and mobile apps, but also, you want to know more about Python, so this course is created for you! You’ll know mobile-friendly programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The level of complexity of this course is between beginning and intermediate, and if you want to get a certificate, you pay $199.

    Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner

    The course developed by Microsoft on edX aims to promote the idea of learning about coding. Jupyter Notebooks is an environment through which you’ll practice your skills in Python. This course includes five weeks that help you grasp the basics of Python programming, and in the case of having a certificate, you should pay $99.

     30 Days of Python

    It’s a practical course designed not only for those who want to learn Python but also for developers eager to learn JavaScript and C++. During the 30 days, you’ll learn how to write Python applications and extract data from any website. If you face hurdles in writing scripts, 30 Days of Python course will teach you to do them properly. Apart from that, you’ll learn more about Big Data, Data Science, Web Development, and Machine Learning.

    Python I: Essentials

    Are you looking for a more practical course? So Python I: Essentials is created especially for you! Its level is intermediate, and you need to be aware of it before choosing this course. It has a virtual classroom that starts from QuickStart, and this course provides students with video lectures and home assignments. The classes are created for those people who are familiar with Python because most lessons contain information about API. You should also bear in mind that Python I: Essentials isn’t cheap, and it costs just $2,500.

    The Python Bible

    It’s an interesting course that you may discover on Udemy. The Python Bible has a project system, and it includes level sections of them. If you want to get hands-on experience while learning Python, this course is a sure-fire option for you. Ziyad, a lecturer of The Python Bible, prepared a good choice for you to learn to code because every project includes specific concepts that you’ll learn step-by-step. In general, it’s a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about Python and how to make a prominent career as an IT developer.

    AI Programming with Python

    This is a non-degree course from Udacity where you’ll know about artificial intelligence and its applicability to Python. The level of it is between the beginning and intermediary, and you should spend about 10 hours per week for two months. Machine learning is the other feature that you’ll learn in AI Programming with Python course. AI is a fast-growing field, and if you want to become a highly qualified IT professional, you need to be familiar with it.

    Georgia Tech: Introduction to Computing in Python

    You can find this course on edX, and it’ll help you not only learn Python but also grasp knowledge about computer science and data structures. With Georgia Tech, you’ll learn more about operators, variables, and error handling. It also includes video materials and multiple-choice assignments that will ease your studying process. The course has 20 weeks in which you should spend 10 hours per week for learning Python. Georgia Tech isn’t free, and you need to pay $270 for it.

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