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    Advantages of Educational Android Apps In 2019

    Modern educational establishments use very advanced technology. Nowadays you can see the latest equipment in both public and private schools. The technology aims to teach students more excitingly and efficiently than ever before. Students use personal computers, tablets, and projectors to study. However, schools require larger budgets to afford the latest technological devices.

    In this article, you will discover how to teach your students without having a massive budget to keep up with technological upgrades.

    It’s common to find school teachers using Android apps during lessons. This is the most cost-effective option to teach students of all ages. If Android Box is unfamiliar to you, then let’s check out some of the best Android applications for both teachers and students.

    Various online services can help ease the education process, like top essay writing service, which assists students in writing unique content. You can make use of all these tools & services to make your educational process effective as well as less time-consuming.


    Google Classroom

    We all use Google regularly. But did you know that the Google Classroom app can improve every aspect of modern television immensely? The focus point of Google has always been applications, and one of the best examples is Google Classroom, a specialized app designed for tutors and schools. It is ranked as the best for educational needs. Google Classroom provides students with email addresses, ample cloud storage, and many other options, which are entirely free to use.

    With this app, teachers can easily assign work to students virtually and receive responses directly to cloud storage. Google Classroom makes communication between students and teachers a lot easier. There are also a lot of fun features designed to make the process of teaching and learning less monotonous.



    Kodi is ranked as a top media application, combining all media in one place. The app is convenient for teachers as it helps them to organize lessons. It’s a very captivating app, with engaging features for kids as well as the teacher.

    To begin using Kodi, simply connect the Android device to a TV, and then launch it. All the materials, including teaching materials to various videos, radio, streaming, and recordings, can be remotely accessed. Rooting is recommended on some models of Android phones or tablets to use Kodi properly.



    Learning with videos is one of the fun ways to teach young students. However, teachers must be careful to use only reliable video players to have a smooth session. Luckily, the VLC Media Player is one of the best media players on the market. It has a user-friendly interface and supports all the popular video formats.

    VLC will even help you fix broken video links. This player can automatically identify which video uses HEVC codecs and offers advanced features for control all for free.



    Another helpful app is Coursera, a leading online school, which comes with several lessons for every student. It has an extensive list of topics and full courses for students of various levels.

    Coursera has the latest contents in various categories, which can be used as additional studying materials. You can find a variety of lectures, reading tasks, writing exercises, as well as video contents. Private tutors will find Coursera pretty handy and straightforward to use.



    If you want to learn foreign languages, then Duolingo is a great app to use. It is designed to help you learn any foreign language fo your choice with exciting mini-games. Duolingo can be used by students in the classroom, as well as at home. This app can revolutionize the way teachers of foreign languages teach their students, motivating its users to master other languages.



    TED is one of the most significant motivational platforms on the web. TED Talks, as they are popularly known, aims at helping people, including students and teachers, in understanding various topics. It’s an excellent tool for learning about new trends in a wide range of industries through visual content.


    Sideload Launcher

    Sideload Launcher is an excellent tool for launching all the learning applications listed in this article. All sorts of educational apps will be displayed on the sidebar of Sideload Launcher, making it effortless to open your desired app.



    As mentioned above, Android tools are worth trying, especially if you want to have a practical learning experience. Teachers also can make Android apps a part of their classroom routine and thus diversify and enhance the learning experience of students.

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