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    Your Ultimate Guide To Promoting And Expanding Your Business On Instagram

    Instagram has more than 600 million active users. This makes it the second most popular social media in our time – after Facebook. With such an active user base, business on Instagram is a massive opportunity and an open market for growth.

    The potential to tap into a variety of people through one platform has attracted many businesses to advertise their products here. But, the factors that drive success on social media are constantly changing as we discover more and more ways to tap into specific demographics. 

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    Here we have compiled a list of evergreen tips you could follow: – 


    The first and foremost rule of being successful on any kind of social media platform is to be actively involved in all functions of the application. That means not just posting, but interacting and giving likes and comments to other accounts in your niche. 

    By interacting with other accounts, you get the opportunity to spark debates, which might attract a lot of opinions – which turn into profile views and thus attract more traffic to your page. You also get to understand your audience better. 

    Recognize and Understand Your Audience

    Just like how a doctor will not be able to prescribe the right medicine without first understanding what the ailment is, you will not be able to offer the right kind of content if you do not understand your audience! There are a variety of tools to help you, and the use of these tools in the right way can offer great insights into your content. 

    Use tools like Instagram Insights to help you understand your audience and what your strong points are. Aptly named Instagram Insights, this tool offers interesting insights into who has interacted with your account and how it is that they have reacted. This information helps you understand the mindset of your audience much more efficiently. 

    Use the Right Tools

    A platform like Instagram offers a lot of different ways to interact with other accounts. This means regular photo/video posts, long style video posts, and much longer IGTV posts and even Stories – a feature that was first noticed in Snapchat. 

    Stories are short-form content and thus have a higher consumption rate as compared to IGTV videos. InVideo offers specific tools that extend to you the opportunity to make yourself a customized Instagram story template size.

    Use Hashtags Smartly

    Instagram hashtag contests are some of the most reliable drivers of content consumers. Essentially, this concept was made famous by offering prizes to users of these hashtags, selected randomly.

    Along with increasing “organic traffic” towards your page, this activity is also great to spread awareness of your brand. By creating a bundle of hashtags, you make it easier for the algorithm to broadcast your content to users of the same or related hashtags. 

    Make Video Content

    Not mandatory – although, it does boost your profile a lot. The last thing you should be doing is uploading sub-par content. But, video content is important nonetheless because you get a lot more interaction time with each video being watched completely. 

    Interaction time is extremely important when it comes to driving new traffic, and the more your existing audience interacts with your account, the more your account is recognized as “consumption friendly” – which in turn boosts your profile. 


    Do not, by any means, post anything under pressure. Posting the wrong stuff dilutes your profile weight more than not posting at all, which is why you should maintain the quality of your posts. Photo/video/audio quality should be your top priority while posting new content. 

    Ensure that you use high-quality photography/videography/audio equipment to make sure that the content looks appealing to consumers – for example, the food accounts on Instagram. By offering absolutely nothing but high-quality food photos, accounts are able to monetize profitably just because of the visual appeal of the dishes. 

    Interact With Them, Don’t Always Stay Aloof

    This means, don’t always offer the same kind of content where they are learning stuff from your posts. This does not mean you should completely stop “influencing” people with your posts, it just means – do not keep the interaction robotic and monotonous. 

    Humans inherently like change – but only the change they can cope with. So, keep changing your content more and more centered around how you could get them to interact – this could be by using a particular hashtag, or by encouraging your viewers to post and offer shoutouts, etc. Interact with your online audience as a family, and you will see a great response. 

    Indulge in Paid Advertising  

    Contrary to popular belief, paid advertisements actually do help drive “organic traffic” towards your page. But, if they’re paid, how do they classify as “organic?” Well, by paying to get some traffic onto your site, your content has the chance to be broadcasted to specific demographics of people that will like your content. This means more visitors and more discussions and profile shares. The more your profile is shared amongst users, the higher the ranking it has with organic results.  

    Even the likes and comments you get from your “paid page visitors” will be recognized as “organic interactions” because you have paid for the user to be shown the page, not for likes – since the likes are voluntary, you will be rewarded for that. 

    If Your Account is Popular Enough, Monetize With Paid Ads

    Apart from driving new traffic, you could even get paid with the help of this tool. So, how to make money advertising on Instagram? Well, the simple answer is, there are many ways you could, but the best way is to make your profile popular enough for others to start advertising on your page. 

    If your profile is popular enough, your income can be derived from various sources. The most popular sources of income on Instagram include – endorsements, affiliate marketing links, driving traffic to your website, and enabling Adsense, etc. 

    Post Sponsored Content  

    It is common knowledge that you could make a lot of money by affiliate marketing – where users make use of your links and discount coupons to avail discounts – which, in turn, helps you earn money. Each user making use of your link earns you money. 

    If your account is popular enough, and your niche appeals to a certain type of demographic, companies might approach and pay you for each and every post you make promoting their products and services. This is, by far, the most efficient way to earn money from Instagram because it does not depend on how many people clicked on your link or how many people used your affiliate links.


    While the face of marketing is about to change, it is necessary to be using the right techniques to get your message across to people. This helps increase widespread awareness and attracts organic traffic to your page, which, in turn, will increase the popularity and reach of your page. 

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