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    Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

    You may have been told your website needs to be mobile friendly. Do you know why? Is it really that important? The latter answer is a resounding yes, but the why is a bit more involved. There are many reasons having a website that loads beautifully on any and all devices is vital.


    More People Are Browsing Via Mobile In 2019

    The first is obvious because people view websites using a variety of devices. Recent research on web traffic indicates most people are accessing the web from a mobile device, in fact. If you look around you, you’ll notice a lot of people are on their phones.

    mobile friendly website, Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

    These people are texting with people and searching social media, but they also are looking up places to eat, looking up reviews of different stores, and finding out what stores are close to them. A website that is not mobile friendly is not showing up on the phones of these people. It is missed business that your competitors are scooping up.

    A well-designed mobile website will have similar information to your traditional website. However, it will likely shift certain elements to be more easily viewed and may also have smaller file sizes to keep page load time down.


    Better Experience

    If your website is mobile friendly, it will be easier for viewers to navigate through. If a picture is suddenly in the wrong place or text is hard to read, it will make the overall experience of being on your website much worse.


    Better SEO Ranking

    If people are on your mobile site longer, it will help to increase your SEO. Google and other search engines don’t like it when viewers jump off a website as soon as they enter. This means there is something wrong with the site.

    Google also rewards mobile sites with a higher SEO ranking because they want companies to stay up-to-date and current.


    Customers Expect It

    As stated earlier, everyone around you is using their mobile phone, so much so that sites who fail to have mobile-friendly sites are often viewed as less reputable—or at the least less professional.


    You Can Attract Local Traffic

    Since mobile devices are, well, mobile, it also means the people using them are. If your site is mobile-friendly, you can double-down by also utilizing local SEO to help people on the go near you find you. The best way to do this is to find a local SEO agency. For example, for those in Philadelphia, you’d want to use a Philadelphia SEO company. A local company will be more familiar with trends and slang in your area.

    mobile friendly website, Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website


    Advantage Over Competitors

    If you have a mobile-friendly website and your competition doesn’t, guess where mobile viewers will go to? The answer is your business. By having a mobile-friendly business, you put yourself ahead over the competition. You will notice more business and more leads as soon as your website makes the change.


    Thinking Of The Future

    The future is only going more and more mobile. If you make the change to a mobile-friendly website, you are thinking into the future. Your mobile site is sure to be needed years from now.

    As you can see making your website, mobile-friendly comes with a wide variety of advantages—make sure you’re cashing in on them.

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