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    5 Leading Social Media Platforms To Grow Your B2B Business

    Starting up a business? Need to have more accessible access to the customers? Want to be in contact with your customers 24/7? Well, there is good news for all those looking to expand their B2B platform. We all live in an era where social media is metaphorically a fundamental need to survive for everyone, and the same goes with all the companies. This clearly indicates that every business should invest their resources and money on social media marketing (SMM). If you don’t have the experience, you can always hire professional help from a leading B2B digital marketing agency.

    Having that said, here are the top 5 social media platforms that will assist you in generating more B2B leads.


    Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg we have Facebook. This leading B2B social media platform is the most commonly used website and application in the world. From children to the elderly, everyone loves using Facebook. You can easily attract your target audience by maintaining a business page on this platform. You can also generate a following and connect with users from across the globe.

    Facebook has 2.32 billion active users monthly. Facebook users are increasing at 9% every year, and 88% of these users are young adults.

    Here’s something beneficial for you:

    • Go to the search engine and type
    • Enter your details
    • Create your account and get in the league!



    According to a survey, the average age of people using Instagram is between 18 and 29. This means that Instagram has relatively younger people as target customers. The users on Instagram are growing approximately at about 1 billion every month. Almost 25 million companies are using Instagram for attracting customers. It will not be wrong to say that Instagram has become a “NEW HOME FOR BRANDS”. You just have to upload a picture, add a description and you are ready to display your brand or your business to the world.

    With such a reliable database, it is getting easier to promote a brand.


    3. TWITTER

    Twitter is best known for keeping people up-to-date with the latest trends, be it politics, be it entertainment, or any social issue, Twitter has got you covered. This social network was originally an American news website, but it has come a long way now!

    You can add up to your business by creating a profile and promoting your services or products by posting tweets. Twitter has about 321 million users as of now. There are many companies which use Twitter to help their business grow. Regardless of how small or large, your B2B platform is, your tweets can boost your social presence in no time. – Remember to use the right hashtags to target your audience.



    Pinterest was launched in January 2010. It is relatively new, but within a short period, it has gained much popularity. Pinterest allows you to “PIN” your “Interests”, as the name suggests. Pinterest has roughly 250 million active users every month.

    Women mostly seem to be Pinterest fans; approximately 81% of the users are women. Women are primarily interested in using Pinterest because apart from generating business for the companies, it lets them save recipes, explore new fashion trends and even learn new DIY tricks.

    It is true that you can enhance your customer engagement on Pinterest, but it is also true that it is not as prominent as Facebook. Though you’ll hear many people say that Pinterest is only for B2C companies, you can still focus on this platform for brand awareness.


    LinkedIn is a professional networking website and application. It was launched in 2002, and it is mainly for business purposes. LinkedIn allows employers to connect with employees. Different organizations maintain a page at LinkedIn, and you can all see their activities, from vacant jobs to latest advancements. However, the nature of this platform has managed; it grabs the title of being the best B2B social media platform.

    Making a profile on LinkedIn is basically like making a business card, you add all the necessary information, and you are good to go.

    The average age of LinkedIn users is between 25 to 34 years. Linkedin has 260 million active users as of 2018. In addition, it gets two new members every single second, and 41% of the millionaires use LinkedIn, isn’t this incredible?



    In today’s world, if you want a successful business, with a recognized brand, you have to use social media. By using these platforms, not only it will be easier to connect with your audience, but it will be a lot convenient for you to listen and acknowledge their queries. This will surely help in making and retaining loyal customers.

    The most exciting part about using social media platforms is that they are almost free, that means you are getting free access to the market. Social media allows you to cut down your B2B marketing costs. So, begin your SMM journey and share your success with your loved ones.

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