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    How Technology Can Help Your Business Grow

    Many business owners have a love-hate relationship with technology. On one hand, tech can be a powerful tool for getting things done, but it can also present frustrating challenges in terms of complex programs and hard to understand applications. But there’s no doubt that no modern company could survive long without email, computers, digital printers, customer acquisition software and a whole range of high-tech tools.

    One way to overcome tech phobia is to focus on just a few technological solutions that are among the most common among new owners. In addition to a top-notch time clock system, you need capable marketing programs, accurate spreadsheets, seamless payment systems and a social media presence that keeps your brand alive. Here’s a shortlist of essential tech that can help your business grow.

    Time-Clock Apps

    Time-clock applications are one of the free or very low-cost ways for owners to keep track of every employee’s schedule. Even if you only have a few workers in your firm, it’s smart to keep all the days off, sick time, back pay and other aspects of worker life straight. Tech like this is at the forefront of making the old ways of doing business obsolete. For anyone who had more than a few employees, time management and time-clock tasks used to be a major chore. Now, these tiny pieces of computer code are helping businesses grow.

    More Effective Marketing Campaigns

    An entire generation of CRM, customer relationship management, the software is literally changing the way firms operate. CRM packages have the power to analyze virtually every piece of consumer data in your system, use it to predict future buying habits, and figure ways to bring in new customers. CRM is the modern-day workhorse of the corporate world. Without programs like these, growth would probably come to a halt for most entities.

    Spreadsheet Software

    Spreadsheet software can help companies of all sizes. But small organizations, in particular, get a lot of bang for the buck from these programs. That’s because most of the capable spreadsheet software packages can help you figure out ways to save money on your monthly budget. For example, startup owners are often unaware that one of the best financial resources they have at their disposal is student loan refinancing. A refi will get you to lower monthly payments, a longer time to repay and lower interest rates. Companies like Earnest help plenty of potential entrepreneurs who want to refinance student debt.

    Web-Based Payment Systems

    Web-based payment systems have changed the retail world for the better. More than 50 percent of retail sales now take place online. How can web-based systems help your organization grow? They get the job done by making it simple for your website visitors to buy goods and services from you. For some micro-companies, one of the few high-tech apps they own is a web-based system for customer payment.

    Social Media

    Even if you’re not a fan of social media, you’ll need to use it to keep your brand visible to the public. That’s because more than 90 percent of all consumers say they judge companies based on the organization’s social media presence.

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