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    How Mobile Technology Can Help You Improve Your Business

    Mobile technology offers a great opportunity for businesses to manage their day-to-day operations and generate new sales. Let’s find out how you can use mobile technology to improve your business.

    For any business to thrive and succeed, it needs to be nimble and open to change. Mobile technology is the change and it is driving amazing growth.

    Unfortunately, many small businesses are missing out on using this technology to their advantage. Some don’t understand the benefits while others just can’t keep up with the fast pace of change.

    So, in this article, let’s take a look at how mobile technology is changing the way businesses are done today. We’ll also talk about how you can use mobile technology to improve your business.

    Let’s first take a look at some facts and figures.

    Stats Say

    • More than 94% of small and medium-sized enterprises in some parts of the world use their smartphones to manage their business.
    • The cost of a data plan for mobile devices has dropped by 99% in less than 10 years.
    • Mobile technology is the fastest growing technology of all time.

    So, what does it mean to your business?

    It doesn’t matter what kind of a business you operate – retail, services, or manufacturing; mobile technology IS changing your business.  

    Because of mobile technology, your customers can:

    • find who you are, and what you do, quickly and easily
    • compare your offers with your competitors
    • read reviews, good as well as bad
    • talk about your business and share their thoughts or experience on social channels
    • communicate with you directly

    Many businesses have realized the potential of mobile technology and have started to use it to their advantage.

    So, it’s time for you to embrace mobile technology. Because if you don’t, your competitors surely will.

    How can you improve your business with mobile technology?

    1. Access funds, anytime anywhere with a tap of a button

    One of the biggest convenience mobile technology has presented is the ability for you to apply for a personal loan for businessman through a mobile app. One such app is MoneyTap.

    So, if you are looking for a small business line of credit, money trap with its cutting-edge mobile technology has shaken up new capacities to accommodate your needs. With MoneyTap’s app on your mobile, you can apply for a loan, withdraw from your business line of credit and meet the financial needs of your growing business.

    MoneyTap’s personal line of credit for business opens you up to funds you can tap into whenever you need or want.

    1. Improve customer convenience by adding mobile payments

    Mobile technology has brought the customer closer than ever before. A decade ago, this was an inconceivable idea.

    Customers can now pay for items through their mobile devices. With the help of mobile technology, businesses also can take credit card payments at points of sales.

    1. Make your sales team efficient

    Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are tools of the modern sales force. The sales teams can enhance their efficiency by staying connected through communications and productivity tools that include internet scheduling, email, and calendars.

    Mobile business apps equip the sales teams to close sales, do presentations, and even engage in social collaboration with potential customers.

    1. Help you grow bigger and faster with cloud-based software

    Mobile technology has made it easy and cheap for you to scale your business. Cloud-based solutions allow businesses to ramp up seamlessly. Cloud-based solutions allow teams to work, collaborate, share and communicate, whether they are in the office or miles away from each other.

    1. Increase agility and reduce costs

    Sharing information instantly through email, social media or other electronic modes from wherever you are is one of the true benefits of mobile technology. It eliminates the use of paper completely. This clearly increases efficiency, saves time, and decreases costs.

    1. Use mobile apps for banking

    Mobile banking apps allow you to bank on the go. They offer quick access for managing your business accounts. The apps are packed with useful features to make your everyday banking simple & secure. You get access to your account wherever you are 24/7.

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