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    4 Reasons Why HRIS is Unfit For Performance Management in Your Business?

    Human Resource professionals are not satisfied with disconnected systems across various HR functionalities. 

    On top of that, heaping up with excessive paperwork and manual load like re-entering the error data will overwhelm them to the core.

    An ideal performance payroll software encourages them to set realistic expectations, thus effectively enabling their performance.

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    However, using a Human Resource Information System’s (HRIS) performance management tools is wrong for your business. And in this article, we explain briefly with a concrete example.

    Outdated User Interface

    HRIS is designed with a primary goal to handle challenging admin tasks. It can manage attendance, recruitment, and overtime calculation very well. 

    But, performance management is an entirely different league as it demands regular feedbacks on employee engagement. 

    Notably, the user interface is clumsy because HRIS is not designed to satisfy the user experience. HRIS performance management tools don’t fit with the employees’ workflow. 

    On the flip side, an ideal performance payroll software is user-friendly and is built to cater to the employees’ usability. 

    With the help of a paystub maker, you will be able to efficiently keep track of your finances, secure bank loans, obtain credit cards and use the stub as proof of income and a strong work reference.

    Paycheck stubs creator streamlines payroll processes by automating wage calculations, deductions, taxes, and benefits. These software solutions save time, reduce human error, and ensure compliance with labour laws. Implementing such tools in your business boosts efficiency and promotes transparency, improving overall employee satisfaction.

    The compensation

    Usually, HRIS tools deal with legalities and compensations. However, performance management and compensation don’t go hand in hand with each other in a single software. 

    One of the significant differences is performance reviews. It is the best option to connect with fellow employees, set weekly and monthly goals, thus improves the career. 

    If this performance reviewing process occurs in HRIS, it is tedious to discuss the payroll and salary revisions. It can even result in leaving a negative impact on workplace culture. 

    Performance payroll software is built to focus the bull’s eye target on the work and not on the compensation, thus assuring real-time feedback, peer review, and self-assessment.

    Therefore, both the HR managers and employees can view the complete picture and concentrate on performance management.

    Unsuitable for Agile Teams

    Performance payroll software is created with an intent for the agile teams. Clearly, HRIS lacks agility. 

    Suppose your employees are working as a team, and they need to execute a specific set of tasks and view the timeline simultaneously for which they a proper agile friendly software. 

    In that case, HRIS is not the best option as its adoption rate is low, eventually making the entire process expensive. 

    Many HR professionals have trialed and tested the collaboration of performance management and HRIS and evidently realized the restrictions.

    Dull Performance

    Every performance payroll software requires research and specialization features in it which is missing in all HRIS. 

    Undoubtedly integrating HRIS and performance management systems, don’t serve the purpose of project management. 

    Performance management software must be an employee-based that provides an uninterrupted user experience that shouldn’t hinder the HR functions. 

    Underdeveloped features can come up in the way of employees’ performance. Moreover, many HRIS support teams have no answers for questions and issues concerning their own performance payroll management tools. 

    This proves the statement mentioned above that the main focus of HRIS is only the admin side, not employee engagement.

    Businesses that specialize in performance management devote their time to examining best practices, researching the tactics that work, expand using advanced technology, thus marking their leadership power.

    To achieve all these, a performance management partner stays away from HRIS tools.


    Explicitly, an HRIS tool is a must-have software for dealing with heavy admin tasks. Nevertheless, it is not true that HR software and performance payroll software can perform outstandingly together. 

    It is why HRIS is not built to cooperate with the employee performance, engagement, and development process. So, make a wise choice by purchasing a separate performance payroll software. 

    Also, kindly share with us your views on HRIS tools and performance management tools in the comments. 

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