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    4 Notable Ways Blogging Helps Your Business

    Many companies use blogs to help grow their business. If you have a company website, you should certainly consider it. Blogging is doable if you have someone informative and engaged who’s handling the writing chores.

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    Let’s look at some specific ways blogging can help your company succeed.

    You Can Attract Long-Range Business

    You need to write blogs about what you know. You can write about an alternative to Bluecat Enterprise DDI, social media marketing, dog grooming techniques, or whatever else strikes your fancy. The point is, your blog:

    • Should attract interested potential customers
    • Should feature evergreen content frequently

    Evergreen content is not topical. It’s content that’s as useful in five years as it will be today.

    Try to come up with blog topics that will keep potential customers coming back in the future, not just reading them today. You want to come up with posts that feature topics you’re confident will remain popular. You want ones that can bring in organic traffic rather than those where individuals discover them via an outbound link on someone else’s site.

    Aside from evergreen content creation, you can also go back and update old blog posts with new content. Maybe what you stated about something still applies, but now that some months or years have passed, you can refine or enhance what you said.

    You Can Talk About What Your Business Can Do

    With business blogging, you’re trying to strike a balance. Your blogs should:

    • Talk about what your business can do or what you offer
    • Offer value rather than just being a straightforward sales pitch

    When someone starts reading your blog, they want usable information. You need to provide that, but at the same time, you need to tie your company, products, or services into what you’re saying.


    This can be challenging. You want to talk about your niche or other scintillating topics, but you want to weave in a sales pitch. You might not be so good at striking this tone at first, but you can get better if you practice.

    You can talk about your past successes if you can find a way to make that relevant. You can also add some provocative photos for visual aid.

    You Can Create a Need Rather than Address a Pain Point

    Customers often shop based on pain points. In other words, they need some service or product to alleviate a need they have.

    You can speak about a customer’s pain point in your blog, but you can also talk about the potential customer into wanting something they didn’t when they first started reading. Maybe you make some particular wellness products, food items, clothing items, etc.

    Your reader might not start reading your blog thinking they need that specific thing. You have to depict it in such a way that when you finish, you’ve completely convinced them they can’t live without it.

    If you have prior sales experience, you should be better at doing this. If you don’t have previous sales experience or you can’t master this persuasive writing style, you might get someone else to handle the company blog. This is important, so you have to get it right.

    You Can Educate While Entertaining

    Nobody wants to read a dry, academic-sounding blog. You might title your blog something about learning a skill, but just because it’s informative, that doesn’t mean you must make it uninteresting.

    This is another writing challenge for you. You need to write an article that teaches your reader how to do something while establishing your company as experts in your niche. At the same time, you should make the writing personable and engaging.

    wooden elements with letter collected word learn

    Think about your niche, and try to develop some questions your potential customers might have. If you can’t come up with any ideas, look on a site like Reddit. There are subreddits for virtually every niche or interest.

    There, you should find individuals talking about what they want and need from your niche. They will probably post questions or ask them in the comment sections.

    You can make a blog topic list based on that. Make sure you include keywords and long-tail keyword phrases in your blogs to attract some of these same Reddit users.

    The more you work on your blog, the better you should get at these writing styles. If you can’t seem to manage it, you might hire a freelancer or staff copywriter. If you use your website’s blog correctly, there’s no reason it can’t bring you many new customers.  

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