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    What is the Difference Between a Website and a Landing Page?

    Imagine the case where you create a sales page on your website or a page for signing-up on to your blog or service. The last thing you want is your viewer losing their focus and attention on the task at hand. This might be the case if this page looks like a normal web page and it happens to be too clumsy and filled with distractions. This is where landing pages come into play and they tend to have a more specific goal or intention compared to the actual website.

    Difference between Landing Pages and Website and their Purpose

    Websites and web pages definitely are more general in nature. They are more descriptive and have detailed information about the enterprise, the services they offer and more details on such services offered.

    But, landing pages are used for specific objectives like getting users to sign up on to your service, to convert sales or even to rank organically. Landing pages are often the pages that viewers and consumers end up on through keyword researches and even through the ads you put up to promote your business or website.

    While web pages take care of the overall promotion of your business, the landing pages are created to achieve very specific goals and objectives.

    The website might have details and tons of pages on every product or service you offer. But, the landing pages should just be intended for sparking interest in a particular product or service. It should be something that helps and influences the user to take a specific action or step. It can also be considered as a standalone page very different from your main website.

    Home Page and Landing Page Website Difference

    Difference in Design of Landing Pages and Web Pages

    Landing pages should have a more simplistic design and should stay clear of anything that distracts the user from the task at hand. If you want to do any design gimmicks, make sure that you do it on the main website and not on the landing pages. It is better if you keep the functions at a minimum and the landing page should be closely aligned to a single keyword or to the advertisements that promote your business. Also, the design aspects of the landing page should be well-optimized to improve the conversion rate too.


    Difference between the Content on a Website and the Content on a Landing Page

    As the website and landing pages are created to achieve different goals, the content in it cannot be of the same kind. The content on web pages can be more general and detailed but it needs to be SEO optimized as well. On the other hand, content on a landing page is more tricky and difficult to write as it needs to be more focused and specific. The key is in convincing the readers to do what the landing page wants them to do and making sure that the landing page achieves the objectives it was created for.

    Creating quality content that works and serves your purpose is not an easy task. If writing it all by yourself isn’t working out for you, it makes sense to hire a professional content writer to do the job for you.

    In this scenario, hiring the services of a content writing company or content writing agency should work out for you. The other option is take up the services of a freelance content writer and this is where a freelance writing portal like Contentmart comes to your rescue.

    Contentmart lets you hire writers from different parts of the globe and you can go ahead and choose the best writer that suits your requirements. This turns to be an affordable option to get quality content in a timely manner. With the large database of writers registered in it, Contentmart is never short of good options for you to choose from. You can assess the profile of a writer and choose a reliable one. The client-friendly guarantee policy of the website makes sure that you get top-notch results within the deadline.

    As landing pages have more chance of converting sales and sign-ups, it is a good idea to put it up in multiple languages based on the target audience you have. The translation services of Contentmart make it extremely easy for you to translate your landing page content into different languages. The services offered are affordable and it gives you the opportunity to get your translation requirements met by native writers from different parts of the globe. The translated content you get through the website will be both reliable and precise.



    The landing pages and websites are different from each other in its purpose, design, and nature of the content. Landing pages will achieve its objectives if you make sure that the content in it is of top-notch quality. This could be done by hiring experienced freelance writers through websites like Contentmart is preferred.

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