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    Top Tools for Creating and Writing Effective Blog Content

    Running a blog on a daily basis is not an easy job. You constantly need to come up with fresh content, and you need to spend a lot of time on drafting and writing these texts. Besides, the texts also need to be creative and interesting, not just plain blocks of text. So what are some truly useful tools and apps for blog content creation?

    Tools for creating infographics

    The infographics are highly popular among readers. People like to check interesting facts following a colorful and creative infographic. Check out these free tools that can help you craft the perfect infographic for a blog on any topic:

    • a free graphics creator that offers hundreds of free templates you can choose from.
    • Piktochart a fully customizable editor, choose from hundreds of templates & color schemes for your infographic.
    • am instant access to plenty of maps, charts, graphs and samples to check. Use it and make your blog better populated with quality content.
    • Venngage very user friendly infographics creation tool. Hundreds of templates, customizable colors and schemes to choose from it.

    Create Infographics in 3 Easy Steps

    • the platform where you can create infographics and also instantly share them on social media.


    Writing & Editing tools for your blog

    When you do not have the time to actually write every single piece of content for your blog, make use of these helpful tools:

    • a highly reputable writing service. Professionals custom tailor any type of content that you might need: articles, long blog posts, infographics, etc.
    • PlagTracker writing consulting and editing assistance service.
    • Edit Pad Lite a free, user friendly text editor. You can use it to edit any type of plain text.

    EditPad Lite

    • INKredible a very smart app that simulates perfectly writing with pen and paper. It will help you develop better your creative content ideas. Get it in Google Play stores.
    • Blogger an app that allows you to blog on the go. Plenty of useful features for creating good content.


    Brainstorming for brilliant content

    Get content ideas quickly and easily with these brainstorming tools:

    • SimpleMind App Take notes, structure ideas, organize your thoughts and use the powerful inbuilt features.
    • Mindly yet another great mind mapping software. Use it when you are out of ideas for your next piece of content on the blog.


    • Ibrainstorm manage, organize and store your ideas using this great application.
    • Writer’s App come up with new and interesting stories to impress your readers. This is not a free app, but you can get it in the iTunes store.
    • Name Dice very useful app if you are a fiction writer and you need to come up with random good names for your characters, places, etc. As the dices roll, they will show up creative names you can use in your writings.


    Embed Media files in your blog posts

    Make your blog posts even more interesting, by embedding files such as photos or video content. Use the following tools to achieve this:

    • Pixlr a highly popular tool that resembles Photoshop, but Pixlr is 100% free.
    • BYOAudio this tool lets you ‘animate’ your blog content, by adding both audio and video files quickly and easily.
    • Odosketch – interesting little app that lets you come up with creative sketches that will animate your content.
    • Blogsy for iPad add pictures and videos to your blog posts with only a few finger swipes.


    • ScribbleLive this is a paid application that will let you live blog your events.

    As you can easily note, there are plenty of free tools and applications that will help you create content that is more interesting and appealing to readers. The secret is to keep it unique, creative and never get boring with your posts. Always offer your readers something to talk about, and something interesting to read. These apps & tools should help you be a truly good content creator for all of your blogs.


    [alert variation=”alert-info”]Author: Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator. He draws his inspiration out of the traveling. Get in touch with him on Linkedin. [/alert]

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